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Big spot on OPTOMA HD20 projection

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Hi everybody
It seens something (a bug?) has burnt inside Optoma HD 20, and now it is impossible to use it.
A friend told I have to exchange the Optical Unit. Does someone know where can I order such spart part?
Thanks in advance

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Hi Luiz,

Interestingly i have exactly the same problem with my Optoma HD 20 - the orginal bulb blew after arround 3800 hrs and I put a new one in - after a few weeks I now have the same symptom of the transulcent black spot taking up most of the image. Keen to understand how you have resolved

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Hi Paul
Actually I did not fix it yet. I ordered a new optical engine from Optoma Company in US but they won´t have in stock until March.
The diagnosis is it was a bug that got into the engine and has bunrt. Proabably you had the same twince, don´t you?
BTW, where did you buy the optical engine?
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Guys, it sounds to me like you used a "Generic" or so-called "compatible" lamp, which really WASN'T the CORRECT lamp for the projector and burned a lot hotter, causing the damage. I've heard of that happening to several other users who tried to save a few bucks on the lamp, only to destroy their projector.

Replacing the optical engine is NOT a cheap option. I'm surprised you're spending that kind of money on repairs instead of replacing the projector.
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Hi Sheridan
It happens with original lamp, about 2000 hours of use. The first thing I thought was to exchange it, and I did (I already have an extra lamp). But the problem persists. So I sent it to a technician that told me about "something" burnt over optical engine. Optoma would sell me a new one for U$199 but they run out of stock. I like this projector but now I tend to agree with you: I´m going to leave Optoma because it is not that easy to buy supply parts.
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I'm surprised it was the OEM lamp, that's very unusual. Sorry for the assumption.

The price you were given for an optical engine is a lot cheaper than I have seen for other projectors.

I would reconsider leaving Optoma as they are one of the very few manufacturers who will sell you parts. Optoma and Panasonic are two that come to mind. Most only sell to authorized servicers and there some manufacturers who don't have parts, period. Dell is one.

Good luck with whatever route you take.
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Hi Guys,

Unfortunately I did what Sheridan1952 surmised – I did install an non-oem lamp – I was told by the supplier it was the same OEM bulb as the original, but in a non-oem casing. I figured as long as the bulb was the same it should not be a problem.

Regrettably I have disposed of the original bulb so I can’t confirm the specs, but the lamp bulb I have is stamped as follows:

P-VIP 230/0.8 E20.8
Made in China

If someone can confirm this is different to the original lamp bulb I may have a case to go back to the supplier to pay for a new optical unit.

Loiz, I would be interested to get the details of who you spoke to at Optima and the part details as this looks like a far cheaper option for me than buying a whole new projector- did they give you any indication of when they may have stock? If you can send through to my email paul.roworth@hotmail.com it would be appreciated.

Many thanks
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Sorry Loiz, just reread you response saying Optima won't have stock of the optical unit till march, so ignore that part of the response :-)
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not really awake at all getting your name wrong twice, my appologies Luiz
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Hi Rowie
No problem about my name.
Unfortunatelly my projector is far from me today but I have "Optoma Technology BL-FP230D Lamp, 230W OSRAM" that I bought at Amazon.com for future use. While wondering what was happening I put this one in place of the OEM but the problem persists. Put the OEM back and was the same. As far I remember they were equal! Hope it helps. Sending email to you.
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The email I sent to you is bouncing back
Let me know if you still need information about Optoma
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Geez I'm a klutz, sorry, my email should be paul_roworth@hotmail.com - the dot version is the same as my work so it looks like I was auto pilot - appreciate your support and patience Luiz
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The same thing happened to me and the brown spot is in the same exact location. It was the same timing as well. The original bulb burned out (exploded) after a few years. I replaced with an OEM bulb and this happened after a few weeks. Luiz, how did this work out for you? I am wondering if it is worth the cost/effort to fix this or if I should source a new projector. I really liked this one. I am disappointed after spending $100 on a new bulb. I don't want to throw good money after bad.
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