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affordable wireless microphones

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I have a Sony HDR CX260 camcorder. Its has a 3.5 mm external mic jack. I would like to find a wireless lapel type microphone recording system that will do one of two things. One, if I can find one receiver that will receive from two wireless microphones or two, use adaptors to get a "Y" connector to use in the camera and then attach two wireless receivers each with their own wireless microphone. What I would like to do, is to record two people using wireless mics, either on screen or off. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I saw this on Amazon:

Note that it says the 9-volt batteries are for "test purposes", meaning you need to buy batteries, which you should get rechargeable batteries for a wireless system if you want to keep it affordable instead of throwing away disposables.

It is not clear from the pictures if that receiver needs to be plugged into a wall, it might.
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It says in the description that the product includes a 12V-18V DC power supply, so that seems to imply that the power supply will need AC to power it to generate the 12V-18V DC power. And the picture of the receiver looks like a typical AC powered receiver, not a small battery powered camera mounted receiver.

For $115 for two transmitters, two lavaliers and a dual receiver, this system is likely to be junk. So if your expectations are low, they might be met. Expect, even under ideal circumstances, a strong hiss in the system. If there is electrical or other radio interference, expect static and dropouts.

In most audio equipment for video, you get what you pay for. Generally, the lowest end equipment that would be reasonably reliable for serious use would be something like the Sennheiser EW series.

I'm just trying to be realistic here - if your expectations are low for this low end equipment, then it might be worth spending the money.
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