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Are there any perfect DVD players out there that can play EVERY DVD title?

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I have bought many DVD players, such as Sony, Toshiba, Xbox, and PS2, and all of them have encountered a few DVD titles that it has issues with.

I have two Sony DVD players. One is from 2000 and it still works and the other was bought a few years ago. The player I got from 2000 works well except that it doesn't have a buffer, so there is a noticeable pause on dual layer DVDs, it's very sensitive to scratched discs, it struggles playing recorded DVDs and it skips on some double-sided, dual-layered DVDs (aka flipper discs). The newer Sony DVD player is pretty good. It plays recorded DVDs and flipper DVDs just fine and is very good handling scratched discs. Except there is still no buffer, so there is still that noticeable pause. Also, it's very bad in handling poorly edited discs (such as the Buffy DVDs). It is having combing issues on them. Also, there were a few DVDs I bought that were scratch-free and the player was having skipping issues. Even after I exchanged the DVD, the replacement DVD also skipped on the player. I tried those discs in other players and it played fine.

The Xbox is an ok player. The good thing about it is that it loads fast and has a buffer, so no pause on dual-layered DVDs. However, it cannot play recorded DVDs and also has some issues with poorly edited DVDs, like the Buffy DVDs.

The PS2 is ok, but there is no buffer, it's very slow and has problems playing recorded DVDs.

The Toshiba DVD player is ok. But there is no buffer and it has trouble loading flipper DVDs.

So, as you can see, there is always some issue with each player I buy. I don't think I can just live with one DVD player because if that one DVD player can't play a certain disc properly, I'll be in trouble.

Maybe it's just my bad luck or something. So are there any DVD players out there that can play EVERY DVD title without an issue?
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Here ya go:
The 983 is the only dvd player to score a perfect 100 on the Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity DVD Benchmark. You can find them on eBay and others HT forums in their equipment for sale threads. I've had one for over three years, no problems and still use it for playing DVDs in my HT instead of my Oppo blu-ray player.
And here is the rest of the story on the 983 audio-wise:
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Of course, Oppo! There's a reason why they're overpriced. tongue.gif
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For a much cheaper alternative I'd suggest a Pioneer.
I also love my Sony players and they are my first choice but when I encounter a bad or iffy disc I put it in my Pioneer(400 and 410) and 9 times out of 10 it plays just fine. For several reasons(mostly feature set) I prefer to not use my Pioneers for day to day players but for iffy discs it works great.
I also have a Samsung 800 and 850 that will play discs that my Sonys might not but I really HATE the operation of the Sammys but for just playing they do OK and for whatever reason can sometimes play discs that neither my Sonys or Pios can handle.
I also have a Oppo, a older 970 but I haven't noticed it does any better than any of my other players at playing iffy discs, maybe it's just the Oppo BD players that excel at such things.....
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