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Kdlinks hd700?

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Anyone tried it?
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Originally Posted by boatable View Post

Anyone tried it?
yep. nothing to write home about. Is there something in specific you wanted to know?
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Yes, I bought it and it is a great player but it has some issues with ARC (Audio Return Channel) functionality.
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Yea I just recevied mine 2 days ago, and no problems seems to handle all my files, have it connected to a matrix 4x2 switcher one hdmi to 5 year old sammy plazma with excellent picture, and second hdmi to benq w1070 real nice
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I just got one last week, and ordered another for a different room. I only use it with attached hard drives at the moment, so can't comment on network functionality. So far it plays every file type I've thrown at it. It even plays FLV, and Real Media files. It plays 3D BD ISO's as well.

The UI is pretty bare bones, but I really bought it so I can rip my BD collection to hard drives, so I don't need to run to my media room for disks all the time. I have an Oppo 103, but with Cinavia I won't be able to use it to serve my newer titles.

This is miles ahead of the WDTV HD I've been using for the last 4-5 years.
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I have had mine for 4 weeks. This player is a great buy for the money. Streams 3D bluray ISO's from my NAS over gigabit Ethernet. Quality is awesome. I have a 55in Panasonic VT55, the 3d looks just as good as my Panasonic bluray player. The interface is a little sketchy. The remote feels a little cheap in your hands. The picture playback makes up for those small complaints. For $139.95 & FREE Shipping from amazon, hard to beat smile.gif
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Originally Posted by comicguy View Post

yep. nothing to write home about

Disagree. Roughly $100 cheaper than the Mede8er 600X3D. Looks like similar Linux kernel, just not as dressed up as the Mede8er. Streams SMB 3D mkv and ISO stutter free. Given all the boxes that don't do that I would say if you are looking for solid 3D mkv or ISO playback for very little money and don't need a video jukebox etc, this is a very good little piece of hardware. What is not to like?
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This big question is can it do 23.976 fps natively like the Mede8er just added with the latest firmware. It's the first device (including HTPCs) I've ever seen play video 100% stutter free.
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How does this compare with Micca EP600? I am either buying a Micca which is $20 cheaper or this unit. So would like to check for feedback/comparison on both. Thanks!.
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I am in the same situation. My PS3 is not cutting it anymore and i have been trying to find a good replacement. The NetGear NETTV550 should be the one to beat but the reviews are horrible. I dont mind spending up to $200 if I am getting a solid product that will do everything it says.
Any opinions?
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You can get the Mede8er MED600X3D for under $200. If you want 3D and stutter-free playback is your main concern, it is probably the way to go. Unfortunately the jukebox leaves A LOT to be desired and the remote is horrible. Even if you use your own remote it doesn't help - when you press a button it's a major pain to get it to not press twice.
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thanks for the reply. I dont have a 3D TV so thats not my concern. Ease of use and setup are my biggest concerns. I just dont want to worry about having corrupt files because PS3 doesnt want to play them. Aside from the remote you are happy with the MED600X3D? Stutter free palyback is definitely expected.
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If you don't need 3D, I'm sure there are much better cheaper options than the Mede8er. I would check out the Mede8er threads for more info. This is the MED600X3D thread - http://www.avsforum.com/t/1440149/mede8er-med600x3d-new-3d-version-to-2013
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I own two KDLINKS HD680s and it is one of the best media players on the market. I tried other media players (except for the ones mentioned in this thread)
Ueebo, WDLive, Google TV, ROKU and one or two more that I've forgotten but the KDLINKS player was the easiest and most versatile player. I use it strictly to stream media files
to my TV's. It can play every media format and it never loses the connectivity with the network. No other device listed could match it's playback and connectivity prowess.
IMO KDLINKS is a winner.
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Can't seem to find this info easily through Google, wondering if you guys know:

What's inside the box? How much RAM, CPU, etc. are you given with this HD700?

How strong is the WiFi connection? I bought one of these devices a few months ago and the WiFi signal on it is absolutely horrible. I get constant stuttering and buffering with XBMC from a Router one floor below while my tablet, at further range, gets 100% signal and rarely buffers.
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the WDTV live has been working great for me except a few media files dont want to play on it. I dont know if its copyright protection but the file extensions are correct. Other than that its cheap and easy.
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I have the Kdlinks HD700
I had The Med8er XD1000(wish I still did)
I have a PCH A-400

Of those players the Kdlinks is the most basic. If all you want to do is play a video from a storage device, local network, usb, etc...the Kdlinks will fit the bill.
However if you want continued development the Med8er is probably the best option with the PCH coming in second.
Anyone who asks about which media player to get, I will recommend the Med8er 75% of the time. The only advantage the PCH has is looks(imo), slight video quality improvements, built in movie/tv show scraper, & forced subs.
The Med8er trumps it in playback, hardware/software implantation(less bugs/crashes), & community support.
I do find the PCH is a little easier to use & has a better remote also.
But if all you want is video playback, the Kdlinks is a barebones Realtek 1186 player. It's a stripped down Med8er in a since.
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Sounds like pch can stream most 3d blurays over wired enet now via samba. Can med8er do that cadett?
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Originally Posted by liquidmetal View Post

Sounds like pch can stream most 3d blurays over wired enet now via samba. Can med8er do that cadett?

Not sure. I can tell you this though, the Med8er averaged a throughput of 14MB/s & the PCH averages 24 MB/s on my network. I use an internal hdd at the moment.
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Originally Posted by liquidmetal View Post

Sounds like pch can stream most 3d blurays over wired enet now via samba. Can med8er do that cadett?
PCH A-400 still has issues with 3D from what I'm reading here.
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is bdmv fold ok, or does that thread apply to iso and bdmv folder?
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Has anyone figured out the WEB interface yet and what keys do what? It seems very clunky and I get a popup that I cannot close.
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1. Is 7.1 DTS master audio and Dolby TrueHD bitstream passthrough supported.

2. Can it handle full sbs 3d blu ray mkv playback.
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Originally Posted by jwz38 View Post

1. Is 7.1 DTS master audio and Dolby TrueHD bitstream passthrough supported.

2. Can it handle full sbs 3d blu ray mkv playback.

It is a Realtek 1186D based box. Yes to both questions.
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Thanks willie
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Best Unit I have so far is the KDlinks HD700. BlueTimes 3550b and HiMedia 900b (along with 2 others) continually have network issues (all cat6 wired gbit hardwired), freezing, stuttering. This unit does no skip a beat. I have another 2 on order.
1 quirk with the other units was transferring a file to my main media server, the BT & Himedia would require me to reboot the server for them to work. This HD700 requires no such reboot of the server. I watch mainly full BD ISO's & 3D ISO's along with MKV's, this is a great unit in my experience.
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Originally Posted by cadett View Post

I have the Kdlinks HD700
But if all you want is video playback, the Kdlinks is a barebones Realtek 1186 player. It's a stripped down Med8er in a since.

Does the Kdlinks HD700 and or HD720 have these new features?

Two considerable recent improvements to the Mede8er 3D players are
  1. Playback of camcorder 3D files
  2. Stutter free 23.976 playback.

Without 23.976 playback, other 3D players have a skipped or extra frame approx every 42 seconds. It is noticeable especially in action sequences.

Without the camcorder 3D file playback, users of home 3D camcorders have much more laborious task to playback their content.

From Kdlinks there is also now an HD720 model, which looks like it is a model HD700 with the internal drive bay added.

Is there a definite list of differences between the HD700 and HD720?

The original batch of RTD1186 based players have smaller and slower internal memory chips than the Mede8er. It is not known if this is required to run the newer RTD1186 SDK that allows these features I first mentioned here.

I have not see newer firmware for there original RTD1186 players such as Micca and Himedia models. They do not have the newer features I mentioned, and are of lessor interest to me.

The Kdlinks web page shows HD700 recent new firmware, but there is no mention of adding the features I mentioned here.

Where does KDdlinks really fit in with other RTD1186 based players???

If the KDlinks does not support the features I mentioned, it seems to be like a Micca player, only more expensive.

If either the HD700 oir HD720 do support these new features, it is more like a Mede8er, but at a lower price, and less versatility in the menues. Kdlinks does say that the HD720 uses aluminum constructions, which is like the newer Mede8er, but does not mention memory capacity or type, or the features I mention here.

3D camcorder file playback test question / files here:

If someone with an HD700 or HD720 KDlinks would like to try playback of a 3D camcorder file on their 3DTV, you can pickup two sample files from me here at these links:



On a Micca EP600G2 or EP950, the above files play in 2D. On a Mede8er 600 or 1000, these files playback in 3D.

Do the Kdlinks HD700 or HD720 play those in 3D??
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roku 3 vs kdlinks hd700 ... any thoughts on which is better, preferably from those who have tried at least one of them. i have first generation roku (handles up to 720p) and it's a pretty good little box, and cheap. a friend of mine recently brought his roku 3 over and hooked it up for me to see. i was impressed. but the kdlinks (even tho $30 to $40 more) looks very appealing because it has such a broad range of video and audio formats that it can handle.
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I recently purchased (and returned) a KDLinks HD700. It has the 24Hz bug, that no player should ever have. The earliest versions of the WDTV from several years ago had the bug but they soon corrected it with a firmware update. Why would any manufacturer still be putting out media players with an incorrect refresh rate - no excuse. Also I found that the HD700 would hang-up or stutter with a lot of the Blu-ray rips, both in mkv and m2ts file formats, that play without any issue on either my PC or my WDTV player.
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While it costs more, it's worth getting a Mede8er 600X3D over any other Realtek 1186-based 3D streamer. Perfect 23.976 and 24.000, movie/TV jukeboxes, and good support.
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