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High Speed Video Capabilities? - Panasonic DMC-ZS20

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Does the Panasonic DMC-ZS20 in high speed video mode (>60 fps) have
1) Manual shutter speed control or shutter priority?
2) What is the fastest shutter speed that can be set?


If you know of other affordable cameras that -in high speed video mode - other than the recent Casio models, are able to set shutter speed please supply any links that spell out those capabilities.
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Panasonic FZ200 120 fps@720p, 240fps 640x480

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I often download the full user's manuals but even then it is often difficult to determine whether, for example, a shutter speed spec of 1/2000 sec applies in high speed video mode, video mode or still mode. Typical reviews do not address the issue of setting the shutter speed for high speed video.

I usually search for Youtube golf swing videos, from the side view, to locate videos displaying minimal motion blur. I can't find any Youtube videos using the DMC-ZS20 for golf.

Here's a DMC-ZS20 video of a baseball pitcher on a heavily overcast day (no shadow) where the motion blur of the hand is difficult to interpret as to whether shutter speed is 1/2000 sec or not.
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I'm very interested in this topic. I have been on the hunt for a camera or camcorder to use for the upcoming baseball season. Just something to record our players on the mound and at bat to break down their mechanics in slow motion. I looked the jvc ex250, casio exilim 100, sony sports camcorder... Don't really want to break the bank. Can anyone offer some insight? Maybe some recommendations?
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Casio EX FH100 is excellent for high speed video analysis of sports. Manual shutter speed control and shutter speeds as fast as 1/40,000 sec for very small motion blur.

Similar Casios EX- F1 (2008), FH20, FH25.

The above models are no longer manufactured so you have to buy used or left over new stock. Prices have gone up since most new high speed video cameras are only offered with AUTO control

A tennis player bought a used Casio FC150 for $90. He says that it has manual shutter speed as fast as 1/1000 sec. His video of a serve looks very good. I don't know about the current Casio FC200 regarding the type of shutter control.
CORRECTION 2/28/2013 - He now says that the FC150 can set a shutter speed of 1/40,000 sec in high speed video mode if the "HS" button is pressed. ?
Basic high speed video information.

Long thread on Casio cameras


In this thread I'm trying to find other reasonably priced cameras that have manual shutter speed control in high speed video mode.
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casio is so hard to come by here in the states. all the older models are so high priced now. did you ever get any more info on the fz200? sent you a pm... hope you don't mind!
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Reply on another forum from a user of the Panasonic DMC-ZS20

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