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TX-NR515 is a no go. Alternatives?

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Beginning to set up my first non-HTIB set up. My Polk New Monitor 65Ts are on the way. (Planning to work up to 5.1 gradually as budget allows.)

I was pretty deadset on the Onkyo TX-NR515 as a receiver due to several recommendations but after further research online it seems that line (515, 615 and one other, I believe) were plagued by some pretty bad HDMI issues and a high fail right.

I'd rather not take the unnecessary risk of buying a flaky product so I'm trying to find a good budget alternative, preferably an Onkyo. It seems like you get more bang for your buck with them.

My budget is around $300. I'd rather not go much over but if a little bit will make a world of difference, it's doable.

I've been interested in the TX-NR509 and HT-RC360. Any opinions on those or other recommendations?
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Pioneer 1122 at $359 on amazon. $344 on onkyo 616. Dont get 515. The 616 has much better features and price are almost the same. I own a 515. No issues so far. Get the 1122 if you can. Trust me.
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I thought the Onkyo TX-NR616 had the same HDMI board or something as the 515 and therefore most of it's HDMI problems and unit failing?

There's a pretty extensive thread here just dedicated to issues with that series of receivers. The only reason I'm leery.
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Thats correct. I owned a 515 in which I sold it to my co-worker and so far is working great. I knew the issues but either way i bought it. I dont think all 515/616/717 models comes with this issues!!.. Issues started when receiver was released; I beleive Onkyo fixed most of the issues; plus there's a Firmware upgrade too. Your budget is $300; so for $60 more you can get the Pioneer 1122; better built quality; great sound and performance. You wont be dissapointed.....
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