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Thoughts on theater space and equipment

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Looking for opinion on the current design we're going with. Right now, the front speakers aren't hidden, I'm thinking of adding a stage and columns to at least keep the equipment hidden. We're looking at a "136 2.35:1 criterion screen and a Panasonic AE7000U, possible mounted behing the back wall.

4 Pallisers in the back and a custom couch in front that has two chaise lounges on either end.

I'm looking for thoughts on the space to screen size ratio, if the project would fair better in the storage area and any tips on things to build in for future use or no no's. Thanks all!

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Hello and welcome,

In looking at your layout (if I'm looking at it correctly) your room is just over 13 feet wide by 19.5 feet long. If that is the case your theater is roughly the same size as mine.

A couple of things to consider.

1) Before you "settle" on a screen size you might want to get the projector and experiment with some different screen sizes (projected on a sheet or bare wall) before you commit to a certain screen size. I have a 114" diagonal 16:9 screen and a seating distance of about 10 feet for my first row and for me it is perfect, for others might be too close, and yet others too small. You can only determine by experimentation what is good for you.

2) Riser planning. My riser is roughly 6.5 deep by 11.5 wide and 11 inches tall. Had I been able to go higher I would have probably another couple of inches but ran out of head room. My back row is placed to allow about a 17 foot viewing distance from the back row. Just remember that for the rear surrounds the chairs should not be directly on the rear wall (ideal setup) and you will have to leave some walk around room to enter the theater (as I see you have a side entrance) and also to access the media closet and storage area.

3) As for speaker location google THX or Dolby and each has respective ideas on where to locate your main, surround,and subs for ideal performance. Sketch out where you want your speakers and run your speaker wires. I ran two sets to the front incase I wanted to bi-wire or bi-amp my speakers or if I ever wanted to a second set of main speakers for stereo listening or front presence speakers. Plan for several sub locations as well. I prewired for five different locations (came in handy too). If you can run conduit to the PJ location it would make it much easier to run additional wires/cables after everything is done. I ran an HDMI cable and enough RG6 to cover component and composite feeds as well. Now that everything is trending towards being networked running CAT5 or CAT6 to all the locations or at least the PJ would be a good idea.

4) Are you looking at doing any sound insulation/isolation now would be the time to address that as well.


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Thanks RT! Good call on the screen testing. I'll make sure we give it a try from the seating locations. Regarding soundproofing, we aren't adding any clips or suspending the room. Just double dry wall. I know that isn't the most optimal, but cost is starting to become a factor.
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