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Runco LS-5 with Mckinley lense...newbie to CIH

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Hi all, I have just decided to do my first CIH scope.

A little history, I was running a marquee 9500L/C for that last 4 years and it was damaged during super storm Sandy; now that the insurance company has paid out on it I've decided to go with a digital and do 2.35 scope, which is the lions share of what I watch. Most movies are on Blu-Ray played by a Sony BDP-550 for now, I have used an Oppo in the past and a Lumagen too...was never happy with that combo on the CRT.

I will be getting the Runco LS-5 with the McKinley lens. The screen will be a Stewart 50" x 117.5" wide 2.35, white,1.3 gain screen.

My understanding is that Runco is/was using the Isco III, and may also be using Schneider? Either way ,is there anything to look for when specifying which lens I will be getting?

Thank you.

EDIT: Mea Culpa, The McKinley lens does not work on the LS-5 it uses the Cineglide only. See last post.
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Your post is confusing, you're getting a McKinley lens!?
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Originally Posted by GG386 View Post

Your post is confusing, you're getting a McKinley lens!?

How so? The discussion was about the McKinley lens. Does it not work with the LS-5?

Mea Culpa. I thought the LS-5 took the same lens as the Q-750, I thought about getting first. Price became an issue and the change to the LS-5 happened. I did not adjust the lens specs to Cineglide.
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No problem, we're here to help you, we've all been there! Back when I was in the same boat that your in, I ended up with the IscoIII/Cineslide combination for a couple of reasons- best transport and lens for my application & will work with just about any projector out there. The last point is critical, as you evolve with different pj's, the glass will still work with them.

I feel your pain, but you only have to buy it once! As far as your Runco, I yield to our resident expert (GetGray) on compatibility issues...
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Oddly enough I have just spoken with GetGray about this issue. It seems it is just that Runco's marketing of the LS-5 steers, or presumes, you would not spend more on the "A" lens then the projector; so they implement the Whitney lens as the de-facto "A" lens for the LS-5. Being that the Whitney is a prism lens, I really do not want to go down that path. The Isco III/Cineslide is exactly what I spoke to GetGray about, and for the same reasons you've mentioned. Trying to put the CART/SLED before the horse in this case, does make sense.

So, I guess I was mostly correct the first time. smile.gif
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Just to be clear, the Whitney is not a "prism lens," it is a prismatic / cylindrical hybrid. The Whitney is a VC lens so does need to be used in a fixed configuration for a 2.35:1 / 2.40:1 screen, so that may be a good reason to look at other lens options. Image quality-wise, the Whitney can certainly hold its own against the other premium lens systems available. If you do want a moveable system, though, that pretty much eliminates the Whitney from consideration.
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Do anyone know what lenses will lower my throw factor?

I have the Runco Q750 with a whitney, but the whitney does not change the throw factor and I need a larger screen.

The Runco Whitney and Rainier both lower the throw factor, thereby increasing my image size, but both are very pricey. Who actually makes the Rainer maybe I can find the same lens in another housing?
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Any of the Panamorph lens solutions other than the UV / FVX200 should work just fine with your application. The UH480 probably offers the best price to performance ratio based upon your concerns.

I believe that some others like the Prismasonic might fit the bill as well.
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