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Homemade TV Wallmount with vertical height adjustment

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As the back story, I just moved into a townhouse that has the living room set up for a TV mounted above a fireplace(smurf tube, coax outlet, power). However, I really hate having to look up at any significant angle to watch TV. The bottom of the TV would have been about 5 feet off the ground, if flush mounted with the top of the fireplace. Also, I actually want to use the fireplace on occasion, so the TV needs to be able to raise and lower, as well as tilt horizontally and vertically.

I was disappointed with the selection available for TV mounts with a vertical height adjustment. I either couldn't find one that would work, or it was outside my price range.

So decided to build my own. I'm attaching some pictures, and if there's interest, I can certainly provide any more info people might want.

Please bear with the clutter, marginal image quality, and unfinished entertainment center... smile.gif

Basic diagram:

TV backplate Mount:

The pieces:

Wall plate(please ignore initials... it was getting late, and the beers were kicking in):

Final product, at lower position:

From a distance:
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Very cool. Im in a similar situation. I have a wall of sliding glass doors with high ceilings. I want the tv on that wall but dont want to look up at the tv while sitting on the couch. but i also dont want the tv permanently blocking a door. Only found one mount for $500. forget that. I like your idea. what are you using as a lock? is it easy to pull up and down?
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I've run into a lot of people that have a similar problem. It's difficult for me to justify a mass produced solution, even it's awesome, for $500. Especially because decent TVs are only around $1,000 these days.

Currently the vertical movement doesn't work as well as I'd like it too.... My TV + bracketing is the neighborhood of 85 pounds. The weight, combined with the friction from the sleeve and pipe, make it somewhat difficult to move vertically :/

Some options I'm considering to make it easier:
1) Lube the pipe/sleeve
2) Find some kind of grommet to make the fit tighter/smoother. Current the pipe is 1.9" outside diameter, and the sleeve is 2.05" inside diameter. The slop/weight/friction amount to a lot to overcome.
3) Spring/tension/shock assist the veritcal movement to reduce the weight moved manually.
4) Motorize it. I've got smart friends who have been pitching ideas for this... I'll post if this is the route I go. Would be awesome, and fun, but probably not cost effective.

As far as for keeping it in the up position, I have a simple hole drilled through the pipe with a bolt I slide in place. Not deal, but works for now.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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