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I'm trying to decide between an Elite CineWhite screen and a Dragonfly Matte White 100" screen to pair up with my new Epson 6020 projector.

The projector (throw distance ~16 feet) has been ceiling mounted in my basement which is light controlled. There may be times when there is some ambient light but, for the most part, the room will be dark. My wife has even let me cover the screen wall in black velvet and we're planning to paint the rest of the room a dark color. I'll be watching mostly HDTV (including lots of golf) as well as Netflix along with the occasional blu-ray.

The reason I'm choosing between these two options is because the dealer where I bought the projector is recommending the Dragonfly. While I was trying to decide on the screen, a 6-year-old used Elite EzFrame CineGray screen came available so I picked it up for what I felt was a pretty good price at the time ($175). Unfortunately, the screen is TOO gray and my wife and I find the image too dull... frankly, it hurts our eyes to watch it. So, I guess it wasn't such a great deal after all. frown.gif

So... now I'm thinking of re-using the frame from the used Elite screen and replacing the screen material with Elite's CineWhite material. This will cost me about $250. The alternative, the Dragonfly Matte White screen will cost me more like $700.

I'm curious if anyone has an opinion about whether I will notice any real difference between the two types of screens? Having already flushed $175 down the drain, I'm a bit leery about spending another $250 and still not knowing if I'll like the picture. Of course, if the pictures are going to be nearly identical, I'd rather pocket the extra $450! However, if I knew for sure that the Dragonfly will provide a better quality image, I'm willing to pay the premium at this point.

Thanks in advance for any input you can provide.