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I received a phone call from a TW rep who explained in detail this past weekend &(and also cancelled a unneeded tech visit) as

Sometime prior to the terrible storm Sandy , a Tech who was updating "The Guide" (it was a color change from black to blue or visa versa but bad code is in the TW system ,
both software and hardware , did not double check their work and a corrupted file got in the signals and HD channels and cable box's (brand no matter) and a fix date is 1/31/2013, *Caveat, we do not have it anywhere near as bad as where that storm hit which puts in perspective for me, why the call , unknown

They (locally became aware of the issue 1/7/2013) we had called multiple times
as our signal video and audio dropped out and no matter refresh, reboot etc
problem would recur no rhyme or reason
I am glad they called (the issue started in *Oct 2012 ) exactly where the "header"where it was done has apparently affected the east coast and midwest
(and Time Warner) but local notification did not go out until*1/7/2013

Set top box Cisco Explorer

I am not making this up and fingers crossed 1/31/13 fixes this

I have no link or online info to stear you all too , I felt relief as I thought it was our TV bought Dec 2012 or Set Top box (near end of Dec 2012) prior to set top box
Zero issues such as described above(including video going black q 2 seconds then back then gone, audio drop out(only) channel freeze +> Caller did a pre visit screen and they had the exact same issues and said to wait patiently until 1/31/13 and said would call if delayed

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