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Denon 3313 Multi-Zone Questions

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I’ve done a lot of research on a new A/V receiver the past few months (thanks a lot to this forum) and am leaning towards purchasing a Denon 3313 mainly for the 2nd HDMI output that can display a different source than Zone 1 and the fact that it has the ability to control different sources of audio to both Zone 2 and Zone 3 independently. However, before I take the plunge, I wanted to verify a few things. My components will be as follows:

1) Panasonic Plasma (GT50) for Zone 1
2) 2nd TV for Zone 2 (model TBD)
3) Denon 3313 A/V Receiver (to control audio to all Zones and video to Zone 1 and Zone 2)
4) Pansonic BDT-220 Blu-Ray Player
5) Apple TV
6) Cable Box
7) 5.1 speakers in Zone 1
8) 2 speakers in Zone 2
9) 2 speakers in Zone 3
10) 2 speakers in Zone 4 (will play same source as Zone 3 but hopefully I can control volume for Zone 3 and Zone 4 independently…more on this below)

I plan on connecting everything as follows:

1) Receiver “HDMI Out 1” to Main TV “HDM In” (this will be the TV in Zone 1)
2) Receiver “HDMI Out 2” to Porch TV “HDMI In” (this will be the TV in Zone 2)
3) All sources (blu-ray, Apply TV, cable box) will be connected to receiver via HDMI
4) Zone 1 will only be set-up for 5.1 audio
5) Zone 2 will used the extra “assignable” speaker outputs to power 2 speakers
6) Zone 3 and Zone 4 will be powered by an external amp via “pre-out” for Zone 3 on the receiver

My questions are as follows:

1) I understand that the “HDMI Out 2” on Zone 2 will transmit audio through the Porch TV. However, since I plan on utilizing the extra “assignable” speaker outputs to Zone 2, will the sources selected for Zone 2 output to those external speakers as well? If so, will all the sources connected via HDMI output to the Zone 2 speakers as well or is it for only the sources built-in to the receiver (Airplay, tuner, internet radio, etc)?

2) Am I correct in thinking that I will need an external amp to power audio for the 3rd zone? If so, can I purchase an amp that will power 4 speakers (to include a 4th Zone)? And if that’s possible, am I correct in thinking volume controllers will allow me to have Zone 3 and Zone 4 at different volumes (I understand it would be the same source)?

3) If I wanted to “watch” cable (only video) on Zone 1, but at the same time listen to the radio, or songs via Airplay in the same zone, is that possible with the setup described above? Also, is the same possible on Zone 2?

4) Will I need an universal remote such as the Logitech 900 or will I be able to control everything via the Denon app on my iPhone?

5) Any recommentdation where to buy a 3313?

Thanks for any insight you can provide…it is highly appreciated?
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1. Nope. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1334369/the-official-denon-avr-xx12-model-owners-thread/0_100#user_M

2. Yes. http://www.amazon.com/AudioSource-AMP-100-Stereo-Power-Amplifier/dp/B00026BQJ6


3. On previous year's models yes with a component video cable from the cable box, but the feature was removed on the XX13 models. You can however, connect the cable box (HDMI) directly to the TV with cable box (optical) to the AVR for audio to satisfy your requirement.

4. Either should work.

5. Give both Electronics Expo and AVS Sales a "call" and ask for their best current price which should be below MSRP.
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I realize I'm digging up an old thread, but I have a very similar question as the original poster. In fact, I may be asking the same thing but in slightly different words. I'm willing to take that risk because I'm a bit of a newbie to all this and don't want to make a mistake buying this AVR if it won't do what I want. My question is solely related to zone 2. (I won't have a zone 3 or 4)

My zone 2 consists of: TV, Roku 3, and a pair of speakers. I would like this AVR to power the speakers in zone 2 with the TV audio. (so I don't have to use the crappy speakers built into the TV) I can think of 2 possible ways to make this happen:

1. Run an optical cable from the audio-out of my TV into the AVR, and it then sends that audio to the speakers in zone 2.

2. Take the HDMI out from the Roku and send that into the AVR. It would then send the the video back to the TV (via HDMI) but also send the audio to the speakers in zone 2.

If I'm interpreting the fine print correctly, this AVR won't do scenario 2 but *might* do scenario 1? Also, I assume if I want to send "network" audio such as Airplay, Spotify, etc, to zone 2 I'm good to go? (no limitations for those sources) Thanks a ton for any help!
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Welcome to AVSForum! smile.gif

1. Sorry but no.
2. No again.

There is no digital to analog conversion on the 3313CI, rather you would need to purchase the newer X3000 or X4000.

You are much better served posting future questions in the "2012 Denon AVR-XX13" Owner's thread linked in my sig. Review posts #3-6 in that thread for additional helpful information.
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Thank you!! You (and this site) just saved me from a $650 mistake, as the Best Buy rep assured me that it could send a digital input to zone 2. I have to admit I'm a little baffled as to why modern receivers like this can't handle this scenario.. Is this a technical challenge or something? I mean, who really has analog sources nowadays anyway? Very bewildering..

Do you think this is something that - in time - most newer receivers will be able to do - or is this just a feature/price-point thing? I'll take a look at the x3000 and x4000 receivers, thanks again!
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Better than 95% of all AVRs on the market today cannot pass digital audio to Zone 2, and although the older 331XCI models are able to pass PCM 2.0 over optical/digital coax to Zone 2, this feature was dropped on the 3313CI and then returned to the X3000/X4000 as well as now HDMI audio can pass to Zone 2 on the X3000/X4000.
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Sorry, but I'm confused now and this seems the perfect thread to get an answer. I was considering this receiver and will look through the official thread. But, I was hoping to use the 3313ci to run my 5.1 in the main room and then use the Zone 2 to run an HDMI to the HDTV in my master bedroom.

My hope was to be able to watch on the master bedroom TV the same thing that is on my TV in the main room. For example, we may start to watch a show from the DVR in the main room and decide to "transfer" to the bedroom and finish watching the DVR show. I think the two other individuals were looking to do something a bit more advanced - i don't mind listening to the crappy speakers on the bedroom TV if what i want can be accomplished. Is what I want to do possible with the 3313ci?
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My previous post was referring to passing Zone 2 audio via either the speaker posts or Zone 2 pre-outs not the Zone 2 (HDMI) OUT on the 3313CI which can pass the HDMI audio and video to your Zone 2 TV and TV speakers. Note however, that if you watch the same HDMI source in both zones, the main zone audio will likely be down mixed to only stereo.
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Thank you jdsmoothie for clarifying. Sounds like what I may want to do is doable (may zone two to the patio TV instead - just trying to not have to get another DVR box or multi-room DVR.
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