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Onkyo HT-RC460 or Denon 1913

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Hi all- looking for some quick buying advice. Fry's has both these receivers on sale today. The HT-RC460 is 299 and the 1913 is 349. The onkyo has a few more inputs and a few more streaming options. They look to have similar power. My problem is that I've quite literally been burned by onkyo in the past (my sr606 hdmi board burned out after about 1.5 yrs). If onkyo has resolved the heat and hdmi issues I'd def be up for saving 50 bucks.. Denon's just run so cool and seem so reliable- my heart is telling me to go w/ the 1913. Please chime in if you have any stories / advice.. Hoping to go grab one of them within the next 2 hrs!
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Denon 1913 has better room correction. Audyssey MultEQ vs 2EQ on the Onkyo.

That plus the already being burned by Onkyo, I'd recommend you get the Denon.

The Denon also has Airplay which the Onkyo lacks if that matters.
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Thanks for the reply. Airplay isn't a big deal since and apple tv w/ airplay will already be hooked up to it.. but yea- I think you sold me on the multEQ, I forgot the onkyo lacks that..
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I have used both in my den of which I'm only doing 2.0. At the same price I'd take the Denon. However I got the 1913 for $299 and the 460 for $222. My preferences...




  • Display can be turned off
  • Prefer its styling
  • Setup menu is cleaner (not childish)
  • Ability to save system configuration




  • I like how network streaming automatically plays the previous service
  • Has 2 HDMI outputs and 2 Sub outs (however overkill for such a low-end receiver)


Sounds wise the Denon appears to have more low-end (presence)... my wife complained more. :) For my limited use both more than do the job. 

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Thanks guys-I went with the 1913.. Picked up a definitive center channel and sub to match the wall flush mounted speakers.. Time for some fun now
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Wow.. Such irony after my earlier most about my "trusty" denon.. Got everything hooked up tonight in the media room with the new 1913- I should add that this was a floor model that was powered down and they "said" had never been touched. Anyways- with all the connections in place- it powers up, shows the current input on the denon screen for about 3-5 secs- then powers down and power light blinks red. I read some posts that it could be speaker wire touching, so I unplugged all the speakers, also did a processor reset.. No luck.. damn, I guess it's back to BB for another unit which I'll have to drive a ways for. Any suggestions welcome but it looks like a dud..
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