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So this 5.1 setup is for my master bedroom, have a dedicated theater (7.1) and living room (5.1) so this is the third choice for watching, but the TV speakers just aren't cutting it. When I built the home I put speakers in the ceiling for audio or surround, but didn't quite know how everything would work out in the long run. so they are about 3 feet in front of the listening position. Looking at putting 5.1 in the room, with energy take classic speakers for front/center/sub, paired with a HK 1700 receiver, or Yamaha HTIB YHT-397....either would have a setup this going to be "acceptable" after auto callibration or with the rears being too far forward will it instead take away from the movie/tv experience. My other option is to just go with a soundbar/sub combo, but not too impressed with those so far- Thanks for any advice-