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I recently moved into a new home and am looking for advice using the existing concealed cable connection. If this is posted in the wrong section I apologize.

Far Wall Location: From the picture the far cable outlet is above a staircase and a coaxial cable is concealed with the wall and runs between the two cable junction boxes.

Closer Lower wall location: Has the coaxial cable from from the wall junction box and 2nd coaxial cable the runs to the outside cable feed from the service provider.

My cable box has a coaxial in and HDMI out.

My question is, using the current setup, how do I get the output form the cable box through the concealed coaxial cable if the cable box output is HDMI.

I see the process as:

Outside cable source>>lower outlet>>coxial input to cable box>> Cable Box HDMI out>>> Convert HDMI to Coaxial?>> Coaxial conenction to HDTV.



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mount the cable box on the wall behind, or under the TV.
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