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What shod I do, damn LG! Please help me.

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Now I have been calibrating my LG plasma for some time, and still I don't have a correct gamma.
I know that it's probably because the contrast is set to high.

First I thought that I profiled the C6 against my i1pro wrong, but I don't think so.
See the pictures in the end of the post, there can you see the differens.

Now the cd/m2 at 100% White is 86.
If I turn the contrast down more it maybe gets to dark?
Almost everytime I look at a movie I make the room dark.

Under the time I calibrate everything looks good at gamma, greyscale.
But then when I measured it again direct after I'm finish I did get this results.

And yes, I did switch to a hole screen picture to prevent the tv to dim down.

Any body out there who have some experience from the LG plasma?

So what shod I do?
Lower the contrast or try to tweek the RGB again?

Meter: i1pro and c6
Software: CalMan v5
Pattern: Window
TV: LG 60PA550T Plasma

Greyscale, i1pro

greycale, c6

cms, i1pro

cms, c6
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You want about 35 foot-Lamberts for 100% white in a dark room. Multiply by 3.426 to convert fL to cd/m2... so you want 110-120 cd/m2 for 100% white.

You do NOT want to use full-screen patterns with a plasma TV. You want patterns that cover 10%-18 of the area of the screen with a black background. This will capture some of the brightness limiting that plasma TVs do, but not so much that images look strange. You can also try patterns with a background that is not black to try to maintain the same APL for every measurement step, but I think that produces images that do not look as good as the normal black background window patterns.

Does your TV have 20-point adjustments for grayscale? If it does, you will have to use that to get a good calibration result.
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As I said in your other thread, if your set has a 20pt white balance or gamma control (which most LG plasmas have) group R,G,B together and lower them a few notches at 95 to raise the gamma. And try the GCD 10% windows as I suggested.
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Why 10%?

What size is avchd709 Window 14 or 18?
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Well, the ABL on plasmas behave differently from one another, so you might have better luck with different sized windows. Try them and see which produces the best results to your eyes.
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Hi Calby - I have an LGPM9700, and I definitely feel your pain. The title of your post made me grin smile.gif

I was experiencing the same issue with diving gamma that you are. One big contributor to this in my experience is that the LG menus for adjusting white balance are so big and bright that the Y value changes while they are displayed. So, while you are making adjustments you are basically getting "bad" Y values because the menu is displayed. I ended up taking a complete grayscale run, and then using the Y values from this to "compensate" the Y values I was getting with the menu displayed. It's terribly painful. Additionally, the big bright menu overlaps into the pattern area. Because of this, I offset the meter position towards the upper area of the pattern. It's also important to make sure that no light from the menu is contaminating the readings. (must be flat against the screen - I have no idea how one would deal with this in non-contact mode)

Then there is "image fatigue" - if a pattern is displayed too long, LG starts dimming the picture(sometimes it's real obvious and you can't miss it, others it's VERY subtle and you may not realize it's happening). I think you are aware of this one, based on your "displaying a whole screen picture" comment. I've found that hitting the pop-up menu button on the bluray remote is the quickest way to "wake it up".

Short term IR sets in almost immediately on my set, and I think this plays in as well. I ended up running a quick color wash each time I changed patterns.

All this, combined with a 20pt white balance adjustment makes calibrating this beast an absolute beat-down for me. Not an enjoyable experience.

Hopefully this helps a bit.
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I need to buy some DVD disc first, I only have AVCHD709 now and it only have 10 point ABL patterns.
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