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Help me set up please.

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Hi sorry if im not posting this in the right area im not really sure where to. I bought Harman Kardon - AVR 1700 500W heres a link http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Harman+Kardon+-+AVR+1700+500W+5.1-Ch.+A/V+Home+Theater+Receiver/6087397.p;jsessionid=404E0F6ACC43C2C0E7E3D417B716162F.bbolsp-app02-17?id=1218731589959&skuId=6087397&st=harmon%20kardon%20avr%201700&cp=1&lp=1

and I bought 2 NHT SuperZero 2.0's I am going to get a sub eventually but anyway this is my first setup beyond like a simple sony sound bar so im a little intimidated. I plugged the speakers in and they work but is that it? It's set to virtual surround on my receiver the only other option I would be able to choose is 2 channel stereo, so do I need to mess with anything tweak settings?? Thanks smile.gif again sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot.
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That is all you need to do. I don't see this model includes any room correction. As long as the speakers and other equipment is hooked up correctly you are set. Just play around with the settings to see what you prefer for sound.

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Actually it does have EzSet/EQ room correction software. I would run the calibration once you get the subwoofer. For now, 2 channel stereo should be just fine.
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