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Got some lottery loot waiting to be spent. While a Porsche maybe on your list, you may want to add this really cool looking outdoor LED screen from Porsche Design.

C SEED (get it?) is a 201 inch outdoor LED screen. Now this screen doesn't just sit out in the elements, driving down property values in your neighborhood. This beauty sits in its own underground housing. All you do, is press a button, and it rises up in a presentation all most as good as anything you could watch on the screen.

Here are some video specs that will make you drool!
201 inch LED TV
High Resolution Retina LED Display in a 16:9 aspect ratio
HD video transmission
100,000 Hz refresh rate (500 times the performance of a standard TV set)
Ultra-wide viewing angles for brilliant picture quality

But those loving audio, we could not leave you out:
Lightweight construction with robust carbon-fiber housing
Distortion-free sound
Three 700 W subwoofers
All-digital, zero-loss audio transmission
Professional audio system
Certified for harsh-environment applications

And how could you have so much, and just have a regular remote? Porsche Design brings you a two-sided remote, with a fingerprint sensor:

Now, click on the link and check out the great video! How much does it cost? Really, if you have to ask....just click the link and dream!