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Klipsch Home Theatre Advice

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Hey guys, I'm a newbie to home theatre and am starting out with a small system for basement finishing project. I'm looking to spend around $1000 on speakers and probably another $500 - $600 on a receiver. I know it's a small budget......brutal.

There is a local guy near my house selling an older Klipsch system for $1000. Here's what's in it: 2 - RF 3's, an RC 3, 2 - RS 3's, and a KSW 15. He's also throwing in an older receiver which I would ultimately replace. The speakers all appear to be in good condition, and he claims they haven't had much use over the course of the years.

I also know that I could buy an RF42 II 5.1 system (without receiver) on ebay or Amazon for around $1150.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!! Looking forward to learning and being party of this community.
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Forgot to include the room size in case it matters.

15' x 28'
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Two 4.5 inch versus two 8 inch? No contest. I know what I'd buy. You might want to eventually upgrade that RC-3 to a used RC-7. The sub is probably mid-level, but heck it comes with the package and it still a 15-inch driver rated to 24 Hz (which was par for the course ten years ago).
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That's what I was thinking, but wasn't sure about the age of the speakers and if I should be worried about used vs new.
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I wouldn't be, but that's me. Just make sure that drivers work. I bought all of my Klipsch used.
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