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Odd EH-57 Recording Event

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I have a modest DVD film collection, the early ones of which were made on my EH-80, and the most recent (say the last e oefour to six years--I can't remember when replaced the 80 with the 57).
To save shelf space I've pulled out "short" recordings on single DVDs, and combined two on one DVD, for example, two mysteries the total running time together is two hours, 15 minutes. Because these are recordings that have been made on my own DVDRs from non-copy protected materials and are solely for my own use, I think I'm perfectly OK there, and the EH-57 easily copies the existing two films back to its hard drive for editing and combing to redub on single DVDs (I'm happily using TY 8x DVDs).
Here's what's happened: I've tried to copy an 89-minute film from a fairly recent (the last two or three months) DVD created on the 57's HD and dubbed to DVD. The 57 verifies that the copying was successful and Properties indicates 110 minutes. I edit out the pre-titles beginning but when I go to Edit and Divide to get to the end where I'd normally delete any irrelevant trailing material and I should have an 89-minute film, I get to about 41 minutes and the "title" screen which then stays on the display for the remainder of the "new" recording on the HD.
It's now happened twice. When I check the "original" DVD that I've attempted to copy, it plays out (checking at fast speed, of course) its expected 89 minutes.
Could my first DVD copy be faulty and still show as complete when tested twice? Could something have gone wrong with my 57's Copy from DVD to HD function?
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Not knowing anything more than what you have posted, I would suspect first that there was a bad spot on the disk, and the recorder could not get past it, so it just quit and returned to the title screen of the DVD. Since you know it took place at the 41 minute mark, I would recommend you fast forward to 35-36 minutes, and watch in real time to see if there is any macroblocking or studdering. I have found that "bad" disks that I cannot play through, I can frequently fast forward through. If this does not show anything useful, try playing the DVD on an external DVD player and record it using an AV input. I have never used the copy DVD to HDD function, well, maybe once or twice in the eight years that I have had DVD recorders, so I'm not conversant with the intricacies of that function.
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