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Acoustic Transparency of Spandex - The Truth - Page 9

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After I calibrate the projector, I can do some of what you recommended. My room is so small, the farthest back I can stand is ~1.5x the screen width. eek.gif

Also, I had to use my iPhone because my batteries were dead in my digital camera...

As to gain changes with the black backing, I noticed no differences in overall gain with or without the backing. I did, however, see significant improvements in contrast due to the better blacks from the absence of reflected light from the furnishings behind the screen.

Ultimately I'll post a short build thread with more screenies. Is there a thread where screen shot technique is discussed in detail? I just chose the same frames and "perceived" method used by Art Feierman at ProjectorReviews.com for what I thought was a more universal comparison standard.

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I wouldn't go too crazy on the screenshots.

Enjoy what you have. Watch some movies wink.gif
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So... I have the silver moleskin over a basic black. Been viewing on it for about a year with it lazily hung on two nails in front of my old SILVER screen. Last weekend I finally got ambitious and ripped out the old screen wall, right down to the studs and built a new screen wall with room for my speakers behind. I'm at the point where the screen is temporarily in place. Watched a few scenes from some favorite flicks and I have sound from the screen. That to me is AT-enough... but I can't help but wonder if I can do better pic and sound wise. I was considering ordering some white spandex and replacing the black to brighten things up a tad, but now I find Milliskin has taken over as "the fabric". At $9/yd I could just do it, but... What do you guys figure:

1) pick up Milliskin Silver and Milliskin white
2) leave the moleskin alone and put some white behind it instead of the black
3) just go watch some movies

I was also considering getting some Mellotone speaker cloth from Parts Express to use on the rest of the wall since my speakers are in that wall too. Damn pricey tho. What if I just used the Black Milliskin from Spandex World? Someone else also asked about the stretch velvet from SW http://spandexworld.com/c3/catalog/product/677. Thought about that for the frame around the screen. Thoughts?

117" screen, Epson 8350 throwing 12 feet
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I would recommend sticking to Spandex throughout. A Black Milliskin on the surrounding walls would serve a dual purpose, both concealing the Front Speakers and working as a black void wall surrounding the Screen.

Either White or Light Silver Milliskin will give you a smoother looking image than the Moleskin....at least marginally. The real advantage lies in the better acoustic properties of the Milliskin over the Moleskin, especially when a dual layer is employed. I personally prefer White over Silver...some like a Black rear layer for even more greater contrast off a White Top Layer.

But with a dedicated room, I would always suggest a White top layer with a darker underlay.
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Perfect. Gonna pull the trigger on Milliskin Matte silver and white, and black for all around. Also going to get some velvet... all from Spandex World. Probably put silver over white as I've had silver screens for years and though I have a dedicated room, it's not always 100% dark. We watch a lot of football over the summer with a large group and need to have a wee bit of ambient light tolerance. I hope a single layer of black will be sufficient (i.e. not visually transparent) for the rest of the wall. Guess I'll find out! :-)

As always, thank-you MM for the experienced guidance. You've never led me astray!
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I'd agree with MM there. I've had both in my hands and lit up by my PJ. Hands down the milleskin is a nicer spandex.
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Ordered! One question: Are folks washing the fabric prior to use? I didn't with the Moleskin and probably won't with the new stuff unless there's a compelling reason to do so.
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Not washing before use unless the material is marked or stained.
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Uh oh ... Tux will need to measure acoustic transparency pre-wash and post-wash! wink.gif
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Ha, I don't think so biggrin.gif
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