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HDMI audio with radeon 6870 only works if display is on??

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I have a HTPC using a radeon 6870. Everything works perfectly fine, with the amd hdmi audio device being the default playback device. However, sometimes I want to listen to music through my theater speakers but do not need my television on. Only problem is, that as soon as I shut off the television, the ati hdmi audio device goes offline? I've tried the newest CCC drivers and still no luck.

And just to clarify, it's a win7 32bit install and I have a hdmi cable going from radeon to my denon AVR, and from the AVR to the television. I am really stumped and have absolutely no idea how the television plays any part in the audio going to the receiver.
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Connect HDMI directly to your audio device. That's how it should be anyway, all devices connected to receiver, then one hdmi from receiver to tv.

There is no way of a "passthrough" through the tv if the tv is off.
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you obviously did not read my post since I said my cabling is hdmi from computer to avr and then avr to television.
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Ha yea I totally mis-read that.

Hmm, is the receiver set to "passthrough" the signal to the tv? If so, the computer technically doesn't even see the receiver, all it sees is the tv. Perhaps there is an option to turn that off in the receiver?
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I really doubt it is set to passthrough mode or anything like that. The receiver handles all the audio decoding when I watch movies from the computer, it's really strange. Somebody else said it may have something to do with hdcp handshaking whatever the heck that means. I got tired of messing around and just decided to run an optical cable from the computer to the denon to handle audio only, less headaches smile.gif Appreciate the input.
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I'm looking for a solution as well. I'm trying to use Shairport4w to turn my HTPC into an airplay destination in conjunction with my non-airplay equipped Denon. I am experiencing your same issue, audio only works with TV/projector on. With your optical cable solution, you just added it to another input on your AVR as opposed to your HDMI input? I'd like to avoid this if possible as I'm also trying to figure out how to get audio out to zone 2 on the Denon, using the same HDMI audio source as zone 1, simultaneously. And I don't think Win7 will allow same audio source over two different audio devices? Is that correct?

Thanks for the assistance.
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Uninstall CCC
Restart computer
Install CCC
If problem doesn't go away then:

Uninstall AMD audio driver
Restart computer
Install older AMD audio driver
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I'm having a similar problem. Using a gtx660 connected with hdmi to my receiver. Sometime I like to keep the computer on because I am using plex. When I change inputs on my receiver the computer senses no hdmi connection and goes to the lock screen. It seems we have to stop the computer from locking when no display is present. Haven't figured out how to do it.
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