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Hey folks

Here is an overview of what i have and how it is setup.
1.) HD PVR (Shaw Direct) HDDSR 600 or 630 connect via hdmi to tv/sat input.
2.) Sony BDP-S350 Blu Ray connect via hdmi to BD input
3.) Sony PS3 connected via HDMI
4.) PC connected via HDMI
5.) Nintendo Wii connected via composite (Kids lol)

Home network running. and media server also on PS3.. DLNA is working so i can access all media ifrom PC aand laptop, tablet etc...
All connections to network are with a switch.. so SC 05 and Blu ray, PS3 have hard wired connection.

Issue i have is with the TV in my system. I have a new Samsung UNES or EH 6500 (60" 3D smart TV)
this is getting audio and video from the Pioneer via hdmi out of receiver.

When i am watching SAT on the TV/SAT input (HDMI) and i want to use smart apps.. IE netflix I am hearing audio from the sat receiver, not netflix.
I have an optical cable connected from digital out of tv to TV/SAT input on Pioneer (Digital optical 1)

TV is set for external speaker.. I have turned all HDMI CEC off on Samsung.
Im stumped.. any tips would be awesome