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Video streamer for Synology NAS+ipad+TV

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Hello, I was hoping to get some help.

I have the following setup
2 separate NAS (both synology), neither of them fast enough to run plex properly
Samsung 3D TV (dont like the smart HUB at all as it is much too slow)
Netgear EVA9150 (still streams all I need, but hate the interface)

Have seen apple TV at a friends place and I want a streamer with the following properties

* menu structure is nice and cool/easy
* all content will be on the NAS (no hard disk required)
* I can search my huge library (more than 1500 movies and about 50 different TVShows, all seasons each)
* I want the movies to be tagged and viewable (I mean, contents, rating, actors, Cover,...) - which works horribly bad on the netgear
* I want the ipad/iphone to work as a remote if I feel like it
* I want to be able to stream to the ipad
* want to be able to stream all formats (the netgear streams 99% of what I needed - so that is good enough)
* The interface should be able to handle TV shows: I would want to see the TV shows (in 1 season) as a group or something...
* Want to be able to search movies and then add them to the download directory (CouchPotato does this now on my synology and that is great).
* I want the thing to work fast enough (when i flick through the menus

Any other considerations I should have?

I have no experience even on the PC with decent media libraries... my laptop is not strong enough to handle too much :-)

I saw the ad for the new xtreamer TV. But I read here on a post that streamers are not very good... The shop where I bought the netgear suggested Xstreamer TV, boxee box or Popcorn A400 when I asked for an upgrade with a decent interface. Didnt give my requirements as detailed as I did here though.

My audio flows through my Qnap and Squeezebox so no real need for audio unless there is something that is compatible, but not a real requirement

Dont really have a budget in mind. Only want to upgrade if its worth it... too bad netgear discontinued its development cause it is a good streamer if you ask me.

Oh yes, I also have a PS3 if that would be a path worhwhile?

Thanks a lot
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Were you running Plex on an Arm based or x86 based Synology ?

The Arm versions are pretty slow, the x86 NAS have a dual core Intel Atom that handles the Plex server better. Synology x86 NAS do not come cheap so your looking at an expensive piece of kit.

If you do get an x86 NAS to run Plex you can pair with a GoogleTV box which has a decent Plex client and plays most stuff and can be controlled by the iOS version of Plex. The only other way to run the Plex server properly is a self built server or buy a Mac Mini to act as the server and attach a DAS to it but that is also a very expensive option. Most of the media player boxes out there have slow/lame UI's and are poor at most of what you describe.

The only other one I would suggest is the Pivos XIOS DS and it's XBMC firmware in conjunction with the Quartz skin which is an AppleTV style skin that makes it run at 60fps for slick menus. The XIOS is still beta software so there are lots of bugs but it is slowly getting better.
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I have been all over the internet all day... came across the raspberry pi solution...

that sounds like a tuneable solution that might work for me. Not sure if it can run the plex server
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The Raspberry-Pi only runs XBMC nothing else.
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