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HD media player suggestions

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Ive recently upgraded to a synology server for all my storage needs and looking to now upgrade my HD media player.

I have a TViX 6600 which I like but the lack of 7.1 and above audio is now annoying me. I used to have the bluecore update but since having to reinstall the firmware I've lost the patch and its not available to download anymore.

So Im looking for a new device. It needs to be able to play the majority of video files and true HD Audio. I cannot get netflicks or similar in my region and VPNs are illegal. So it will just be content over the wired network.

It also will need to display cover art, synopsis and fanart. It doesnt need an internal hard drive as the synology is for all the storage.

Any suggestions welcome.
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Dune, Mede8er, Popcorn Hour, and....
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Originally Posted by GusGus748s View Post

Dune, Mede8er, Popcorn Hour, and....

I think they should make this a sticky thread with just these words. It's starting to sound like a skipping record here, lol.
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