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Hdmi adapter

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I just saw a hdmi to VGA adapter on eBay says its hdcp compliant and can do 720p,1080i, and1080p. It's only $19.00. Do you think it will work or has anybody tried? This would seem to put moome and HD fury out of business if it works.
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It may PASS the HDCP on to the device but does it DECODE the hdcp is the question and is it legal? The reason Moome and the Hdfury are somewhat pricey is because to my knowledge they pay to be a part of the HDMI group and in doing so are allowed to DECODE legally the hdcp code.
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Good, working and cheap, which two do you want? smile.gif

There's any number of Chinese clone boxes, none of them have affected Moome or Fury to date.

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i just bought the hd fury 3 but ran across the cheapy version just wondered if anyone had any info.
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I bought something similar on eBay recently from a seller named "neewer". It's an HDMI to VGA active adapter that is self-powered and does not provide audio. It was around $10 with free shipping. I bought it not for AV but for my Raspberry Pi single-board computer to use with some cheap old VGA monitors I had. For that purpose it works great, it is able to take the digital stream and output most any HDMI-mode resolution (I'm using 1024x768, but it should support up to 1920x1080). I haven't tried an HDCP stream though. It cannot "pass through" HDCP because HDCP is a digital encryption and VGA is an analog connection. The HDCP protection cannot be converted to anything, if it doesn't decode it it might just output scrambled mess or not work at all. I would guess that it does work, however, as the HDCP master key was leaked a few years back. It may not be "legitimate" but it most likely will work, at least if they haven't revoked whatever fake key it uses.
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No products that anyone has ever posted of short of the Moome or Fury products work properly. End of story. smile.gif
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Not true. I have one of the Sony cards built by the guy in Europe. Works WONDERFULLY. plus - I got it the same decade I ordered it - and was able to correspond in real time with the maker/seller. As opposed to one of the above mentioned products.

You can also go on ebay (and elsewhere, I'm sure) and buy an Ophit - I know they work, I bought one.

Then again, I'm not a reseller for Moome or HdFury.
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Well I believe the guy in Europe designed the Fury. As I stated, no one that has ever POSTED about any other product save for the Moome or Fury has worked until this point. I didn't say that they didn't possibly exist, but I'm sure not spending a pile of money to see if by chance one of the made in China products work..

Also, I'm not a reseller for either product, never have been, All I keep reading about is people that post about <$50 products that claim to convert HDMI to RGBHV or component, and how they don't work.

I see nothing on eBay for what you're talking about the Ophit BTW, save for a used really old DVI to VGA converter, ditto on the completed listings. Those listings say nothing about HDCP compliance as well.
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