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Master thread for black out blinds and curtains?

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Hi folks.

I am in the process of creating a new HT (have a thread going on that). Next step is black out blinds.

I was surprised not to find a master thread or sticky , much like there is for room treatments. There are lots of old threads, and information and every six months or so the topic sparks renewed interest from someone. Shouldn't we create a master thread?
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I bought this style at JCP and they work well. http://www.jcpenney.com/dotcom/for-the-home/departments/window-treatments/in-home-services/custom-decorating-/resource-center/eclipse%25e2%2584%25a2-canova-rod-pocket-blackout-drapery-panel/prod.jump?ppId=pp5001600493&catId=cat100670022&dimCombo=null&dimComboVal=null
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So my black out blinds requirements are the following:
A. Semi-circle shaped "starburst" window. The window is 72 x 42 (wide by tall).
B. 4 windows below the starburst, side by side, each is 34.5 x 52 (wide by tall). This would need 2 blinds (2 motors), each about 79" x 56"
C. 6 windows on the right. Each window is 30" x 53". This would need 3 blinds(3 motors), each about 72" x 59".

Here is the gist of what I found on motorized blind options. Lots of old threads here but very few new threads.

1. Lutron is of course the gold standard especially for Motorized blinds. Lots of options but the basic choices are:
- Honey comb (cheapest; looks the most "blindy"; I am told by Lutron dealer that they are equally as effective as rollerblinds - do the experts here agree??). Installed, with all associated equipment (motors, wireless repeater; pico remote; Control4 programming), Lets "normalize" this price to "X" per window, installed, programmed (I say "X" so I dont get into forum price rule troubles).
- Rollerblinds (many options of quality ranging from stuff that looks plasticky to stuff that looks like cloth); price range is 1.5X to 2X per window especially if you add the side trackes that block ALL incoming side-edge lights. With side-edge blinding, price is north of 2X per window, installed.

2. Hunter Douglas. Poor mans Lutron. I found pricing to be roughly 50%-80% of "X".

3. BTX: Another poor man's Lutron. Sounded sort of like Hunter Douglas, maybe ~10-20% more than hunter douglas. Can be had with BTX or Somfy motors. Somfy motors are ~10% more than BTX motors.

This is the classic Hyundai versus Toyota versus Lexus argument.

I am on the verge of finalizing to go with the Lutron Honeycomb. For my project, the price will end up being about ~$7k installed and programmed. Seems like the best tradeoff, the best motors, and the dealer has been great. Lutron rollerblinds would been slightly less than double that. BTX rollerblinds would have been ~20% more. My dealer was emphatic in stating that the performance of the Honeycomb is the same as the rollerblinds; only difference is looks. The performance of the Lutron-with-tracks is of course the best die to the side-edge light elimination but that is more than double the price. I decided against Hunter Douglas because of concerns around motor quality and reliability.

what do the experts think of the above reasoning?
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