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Anyone in this forum has any direct comparison/experience to share with please?
I got my Subwoofer upgraded to SubMersive from SVS PB12 Plus and Center speaker from Revel C52 to Voice 2 few days back. Thinking about the next step - and playing with the idea to go for Anthem D2 (not D2v) from my current Integra 80.2. This is a critical decision for me since, I am not really a "price not matter" guy, but love to enjoy movies/music using a reasonably great sounding system. Therefore, I am looking forward to my fellow forum member to see if anyone has experience of listening to both these processors. I fully appreciate the fact that there are some technical differences, there is a price difference. But, as an end-user, I am really for the true end result. All these tech facts apart, is there going to be a noticeable/significant difference in sound & sight quality? Is the sound stage going to show clear differences or it is just something that we can only verify and validate using expensive measuring machines? I am using Oppo-103 as my source (changed this at the same time by replacing PS3). Just to have a different perspective, I am going to post this at the Integra owners' site too...
Will appreciate any help!
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