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Vizio E701-A3 vs. Panasonic VIERA TC-P65GT50

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So... I am having a size vs. picture quality dilemma. I am upgrading in anticipation of reclaiming my man cave over the next year or so (right now it also serves as office and home to our elliptical machine). Seems like a no brainer to start with the TV as I can use it as teh room evolves around it.

My room has a row of windows along the back wall. I can add some thick curtains if need be to avoid glare.

The GT50 seems to have a solid bang for buck (it's less than $200 more than the ST50 on Amazon right now) as far as plasmas go.

The E701 is obviously larger, but if picture quality is a lot worse, it will only be exacerbated with a larger screen.

With a ten foot viewing distance, will the GT50 smoke the Vizio??
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Edited to change my question.
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In theory and in reality the Panny will offer the higher PQ no doubt. The question is really in the eye of the beholder. The Vizio being a 70" is enough larger that this feature advantage really becomes a personal choice and that is a very individual choice. For many the overall PQ advantage of the Panny will be paramount. For many more the Vizio PQ will be quite acceptable and far outweighed by the size advantage. Kind of like deciding between a V8 or a 6cyl. Power vs economy. At this moment the 70" Vizio is going for $1599 just about everywhere it is sold. Keep in mind that of the two, only the Panny is 3D.
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Thank you. You pretty much summed up my dilemma in your post. I've always chosen my TV's based more on budget than PQ in the past. Luckily, I've not been burned by my choices.

If I watch a lot of football and sports w/ running tickers on screen will I need to worry w/ a modern plasma? If so, my decision may be made for me right there as sports will be a good portion of my viewing and I tend to doze of watching NASCAR which has a constant ticker.
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My dilema was the same as yours. After spending many many hours on the plasma thread and reading post after post of one person after another saying that IR was a thing of the past and post after post of owners complaining about IR I decided that maybe you'll get lucky and maybe you won't. There is actually a thread in the plasma area dedicated strictly to IR and burn-in complaints. A long list. I have no doubt that the Panny ST/GT/VT series is the king of PQ and all reviews I've read in Sound and Vision Magazine, Home Theater Magazine, Home Theater Review, CNET, all rate the Panasonic as the absolute best.. It even won the shootout last year besting the much more expensive Elite from Sharp. Not one single review mentioned IR or burn-in as being a problem or even witnessed. Bottom line, yesterday I ordered the Vizio E701i-A3 from amazon to be delivered Wednesday. Until Feb. 1 in Arizona anyway, there is no sales tax. That along with free deluxe shipping it will be in my living room for under $1600.
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