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Blurry player settings for calibration?

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Should my Panasonic BTD-500 bluray player be set to the 444 setting or RGB Standard in the players settings menu before starting a calibration with Chromapure and or Calman?
Thank you for all responses!
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Not a single calibration proffesional can answer this simple question?
26 looks and not a single reply?
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The television is a 65VT50 if that helps.
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With picture mode set to normal and advanced chroma turned off the player should be bit perfect using 4:2:2, 4:4:4 or RGB. Use whichever setting your display is expecting and if you don't know this choose the one that looks the best.
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Thank you for your response, the player isn't being run through a receiver, but is running directly to the TV. I ran the 444 route with all that you recommended except for turning the advanced chroma feature off and came up with a practically perfect calibration across the board.
All dE's under 0.5, an average gray scale of 6533, with a near perfect gamma of 2.2 across the board from 20 to 100.
The colors are also near perfect and all of this without the recommended 46 color adjustment..smile.gif
I'm really shocked at how razor tight this calibration turned out compared too my old PZ850U.
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Advanced chroma needs to be set to off otherwise the player will alter the video output.
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Alter? In what way specifically?
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Panasonic didn't send me the 220 for test, so I can't say for sure it has an issue or not. Since I talked to other reviewers and they saw a visible change when using the setting I assume it's still wrong, but I can't be certain. I'd leave it off myself.
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If there is no obvious difference between YCbCr modes and RGB modes, YCbCr 4:2:2 is the best mode to use... period. It delivers 12-bit video while the other options are all limited to 8 bits (discussed in other forum threads and is NOT what most people THINK happens -- most people think all format options are 8-bits unless you enable a higher-bit mode in the player... but that's not true). Even Lumagen, makers of the best video processors available in the consumer market, recommend 4:2:2 unless there is a compelling reason to use some other mode (like RGB looks better with some specific video displays).

In my experience, about 60% of the time, every mode looks identical. Somewhere around 5%-10% of the time, RGB looks better (video display determines this) and the remainder of the time YCbCr looks better. So you have a 90-95% chance of YCbCr 4:2:2 being the best option.
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Hey Doug although I haven't tested it to much because of lack of patterns, but mine MIGHT have less black crush on pvr using rgb vs ycc4:4:4.Need to test a bit more.

Do you know which setting has more motion blur rgb or ycc4:4:4 ?
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