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Speaker advice

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Hello I am new to the forum and was seeking advice on purchasing some speakers to match the subwoofer I have. I have a paradigm pw2500 and am looking for a rather inexpensive set of speakers to complete my 5.1 set up. I am currently considering the used market and was wondering if 2 pair of paradigm titans such as the v2 or v3 would be good for this set up. If this is the case I was wondering what paradigm center would be good to match with it. I am also considering 2 new pair of BIC DV62si bookshelf speakers with the matching DV-52CLR and was wondering which would be a better set up (between the paradigm and BIC) in peoples opinion thank you in advance for all your help and advice.
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Speakers do not have to match the sub. However, it is recommend for the front 3 (Left, center, right) to be matched "timber." Surround and surround back speakers do not have to match either since they are mainly for background sound unless you use them for music then matching them would probably be best.

It would help to know a budget.
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im hoping to keep it under 400 if possible
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For $400 dollars is going to be hard to find decent speakers. At that price point I would recommend the Pioneer phase 2 speakers.

BS-22 pair $99.99 x 2 = 199.98
CS-22 $99.99

That would put you at $299.97. This doesn't include shipping, sales tax, etc.
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I just picked up a 2 pair of pardigm titans v3 and v2 and I was wondering what would be a good center I am having trouble figuring out a matching one. I am well under budget the speakers coated me 130 so I have some cash to spend
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IMO, a CC-350 or CC-370(v1-4) would be a good match to the Titans. (Google says the CC-170 is the better match, but I've heard the 170 and it is an inferior CC speaker to the 350 and 370.)

A gently-used 350 should be ~$100-$150, depending on condition; and a 370 should be ~$100-$200, depending on condition and version.
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That's the way I was leaning I appreciate everyone's help rather new to this gig always did the home theater in a box I'm hoping this sounds better than those
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