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I a just wondering if anyone has a simple and quick music ripping solution?

I am looking for a few things

1. FLAC quality
2. Automatically find the album/artist art (including if possible fanart and meta data)
(to make the most out of mediaportal front end)
3. Artwork of a high quality (alot of my current album art is really pixelated!)
4. (this 1 is optional as I can do it sperately manually if required) - but if it cannot find any artwork for a cd, flag it up and give me to choice to manually include some.
5. include information on the tracks like 'style' of music, classical/jazz etc.

As I have a lot of cds to process the less steps I need to do, the better. itunes works quite well for mp3s, but found it missed alof of album art (and doesnt do FLAC)

Thanks in advance

Edit: title, was unclear this post is a question
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