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Trouble with long component cable run.

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I have a DTV HR700 in my office and I am trying to send the signal outside to 2 more tv's.

Right now the HDMI output of the DVR is connected to the office TV (Heiar 39: LED) via HDMI.

I have the component out going to this Radioshack distribution amp.

I have a 75 foot component cable connected to output 1 running out to my Florida room, where it plugs in to this distribution amp.

Output One goes to an RCA 32" LCD about 1 foot away.

Output Two goes to a 32" Panasonic Plasma about 15 feet away.

The audio jacks of Output Four go to a stereo receiver about 10 feet away.

The RCA TV can not seem to hold the signal. When ever a show switches to a commercial, or the screen is trying to show a lot of white, it flakes out and goes black.
Sometimes it will come back with a black and white picture, then go out again. Does not matter if it is a HD channel or not.

When this is happening with the RCA TV the Panasonic screen get's a little flaky, but never goes out completely.

Neither TV looks like it is HD, but the RCA TV shows 1080i when I hit the info button.

I really do not know what else to try. I did not think the signal would deteriorate so much on a 75 foot run.

The only thing I have not tried is switching the distribution amps, so the RS is outside and the Amazon amp is inside. The specs for the Amazon amp
say it can handle a 150ft run.

Any suggestions?

/Both of the outside TV's are hooked to a large OTA batwing antenna and the picture looks great. But they are about 5 seconds ahead of the inside TV's hooked to DTV DVR's.
This does not work good for live sporting events, like the superbowl.
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So have you tried removing one of the amps. Seems to me you you are screaming too much signal at the sets.
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Before I added the second amp (Radishack one) at the source I just had the one amp at the destination to feed the 2nd outdoor tv 15 feet away, and both tv looked bad.

I do not think I have tried it yet with just an amp at the source, straight into the first tv.

I think I may order one of these, If I can nto get a good signal
with the long component run.
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I took the second amp out of the loop and hooked the 75' run directly from the inside amp to the outside TV and it looks great. Must of been the 2 amps were overdriving the tv.

I ordered a component splitter from monoprice to split the 75 footer to the outside TV and the outside amp to feed the other outside tv that is further away.
The second amp also feeds my outdoor audio system.

jkxmlr thanks for the suggestion to remove one of the amps.

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