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WMC missing channels

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* San Francisco (Twin Peak area)
* WMC with Happauage 2250
* LG 47LW5600 TV
* Comcast limited basic service
* Only watch Fox (2.1), CBS (5.1), ABC (7.1), NBC (11.1) and CW.

Everything was working fine for several years until a couple days ago. I am no longer able to watch KGO-HD 7.1 (ABC). It said something about the channel being scrambled or encrypted. I forgot the exact error message. I then rescaned the signal and 7.1 and 11.1 are no longer appearing in the Guide. I talked to Comcast and they are of no help. They asked me to get a cable box to solve the problem. However, if I get a cable box, I will not be able to use the dual tuner feature of my Hauppauge 2250. I would consider OTA before I would consider a cable box.

I notice the station KGO which broadcast ABC is actually showing up as KGO-HD (9.53) in the Guide. The channel is watchable but there is no guide information. It says "No data available" in the Guide.

Another strange thing is that when I hookup the coaxial cable from Comcast directly to the TV, bypassing WMC, the scan was successful and I have all the channels I want with the correct expected channel number.

Any help you can give me is appreciated.
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thanks for the post.

I noticed the same thing with my set up as well..

similar set up.. with an additional Aver-media ClearQam tuner.

I also noticed that "play ready" wont sync... not sure if/how this fits into the equation, but I wonder if it's a contributing factor.

Perhaps it's related to Comcast effort to encrypt EVERYTHING (even locals). Boo hoo.
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I had a problem with WMC not showing all the channels in the guide that I was supposed to be receiving as part of my package from Comcast. The guide in WMC is built on the database of channels stored at the website zap2it.com. Use THIS FORM to email zap2it to tell them what channels you are missing. The channels will magically show up in your guide in 2-3 days.
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Thanks PFRboy. I have just submitted the request to zap2it. I hope it will solve my problem.
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