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Need 3+ components in plus 9 speaker outputs with multiroom

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So I bought a Pioneer Elite SC-61 on open box, thinking I knew how the system would work in my house. I was wrong.

Downstairs setup is based in a media closet. It came with a component-based projector installed, 7 speakers in the room, plus 2 more speakers out on the deck that are wired to the media closet.

The SC-61 (and for that matter, the Denon 3313, which was my other option) doesn't like HDMI being pushed down to component output. If you're using component output, nothing HDMI will downgrade to go out the component out. And you also run into the RCA inputs won't go out the component output -- they'll only go out an RCA output. So none of my HDMI devices will run through my component projector. I tried an HDMI output to component output converter, but it doesn't nothing. The receiver thinks it's driving to the HDMI output, but nothing shows up on the screen, so something is lost in translation or transmission.

The converter I tried is here. I've considered sending the converter back and trying another, because if I could get that solution to work, it would solve my problems:

At this point, I'm just looking for a receiver that can do what I need it to do. I'm willing to take the SC-61 back to get something that works for me.

To run my basics, I need everything to be able to output to a single component output. Then, I need:
- my DVR/Dish to run to either an HDMI input or a component input
- my DVD/Netflix to run to either an HDMI input or a component input
- my Wii to run to either an HDMI, component or RCA input
- a 7.1 system with 2 additional powered speaker outputs that I can use to run the 2 deck speakers in multi room mode

Any suggestions on a receiver that will either push HDMI inputs down to component output or that has 3+ component inputs (and possibly even component inputs) that will push out a component output?
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NO receiver does HDMI to component conversion. None.
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That's what I've been determining. So take that off the receiver list. What receiver matches the rest?

To the conversion question: are there converter boxes like the one I bought that work to converter HDMi out to component out for my projector? This converter doesn't seem like it has enough power to push the signal out to the projector. The receiver believes it's outputting to HDMI but the projector only shows its default screen. It occasionally blinks when switches sources bit that's all it does.
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You can get a Marantz SR7005.

4 component inputs, 2 outputs.
composite to component video conversion.

And if you ever upgrade your projector one day it has 6 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs.


Might even be able to find one on clearance at Best Buy.
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As I look into the Marantz 7005, it looks like Marantz 6005 and even the 5005 offer the functionality I'm looking for. Am I right?

Are those additional speaker outputs on the Marantz models powered zone 2 capable?
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My local Best Buy is suggesting the Yamaha RX-A1020 because it has 4 component inputs plus enough powered speaker inputs to fill out my speaker arrangement. Any other ideas?
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