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My Mac Mini doesn't sleep well.

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I recently setup a mac mini as a networked music server using itunes.

Everything is great except the mac mini seems to have trouble sleeping. I use it rarely and I often find it just on.

I have it setup to sleep after 1 minute. I have the BlueTooth and Wifi disabled.

Here's some things I will try in hopes that it will sleep better....

1) I'll turn off screen sharing. I love the screen sharing but I'll turn it off to see if that helps.

2) I'll setup a dedicated IP... Maybe it wakes up whenever my router sees wifi action and perhaps giving the mac mini it's own IP will result in my router waking it up less often.

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Brian, I'm thinking it could be so many little things, it might help if you're a little more specific, as in which Mini and OS are you running? Do you have iTunes home sharing turned on? Where does your music reside, on the internal Mini drive or on an external? What exactly is it networked to, a la other Macs? iOS devices? Apple TVs? PCs? and how are they "mounting" the networked music volume?

Just as an aside, I've always really liked Bonjour, and thought it very smooth the way Macs and iTunes inherently advertise themselves over the network. I've also never worried about my Minis sleeping, in fact I've always set them never to sleep because they are so inherently quiet and green. But I do let other Macs in our house sleep and wake, successfully, and Apple's implementation of wake on LAN (wake on demand) works well with them, but then I'm also using an Airport Extreme, so it should.


What router or basestation are you using?

Is your Mini involved in anything iCloud related or syncing iTunes purchases to iOS devices?
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Ok. I will gather all the proper details.

Turning off screen sharing didn't help.

I'm tempted to turn off file sharing and home sharing.

Basically the mini is connected to my AVR via toslink and controlled remotely (via roomie remote.)

I could let it stay awake I guess, but I would rather it sleeps till I need it.
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Oh and there is no keyboard or mouse or screen hooked up to it.
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OK.... Home now.

I will get all that relevant data ... most likely tomorrow.

However,... I googled similar problems and found lots of ideas.

For now, I turned off both screen sharing and home sharing. I'll just use the mini as my multi CD changer with my HT... That's fine really.

I also turned off Time Machine. I will use it occasionally (like after I add CDs sometimes) but I don't need it always checking to see if it's backup time.

I also removed a network printer.... this is often the cause of sleep problem.

I turned off a bunch of "Automatic" services, basically all that I could find.

I think it's working. I think it's sleeping right now. Shhh... It's so cute when it sits there sleeping.
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Hello Again,

My mac mini is -> MC270xx/A 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo/2 GB DDR3 SDRAM (PC3-8500)/320 GB HD/SuperDrive/GeForce 320M/AirPort & Bluetooth Built-in
The music is on the internal hard drive in the form of apple lossless files.

I think I've managed to get it to sleep properly now but it does so little,... I'm tempted to let it stay on all the time and do quite a lot more.

In terms of what it would share with there is a family computer which is a macbook pro and then everyone in the house has a iphone or ipod touch or ipad.

I miss the screen sharing (that was so nice) and the shared on the network music library so I guess I'll let it stay away and re-enable those things.

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My mac mini is -> MC270xx/A 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo/2 GB DDR3 SDRAM (PC3-8500)/320 GB HD/SuperDrive/GeForce 320M/AirPort & Bluetooth Built-in

That's a 2010, with the newer unibody design, so yes, there are fewer reasons to force that to sleep because it is pretty quiet and "green." If that's still the stock 320 gig drive it's 5400rpm. I'm pretty confident you can run that headless Mini with no keyboard or mouse connected, screen share in when needed, have iTunes home sharing turned on, do Time Machine, have a printer on your network AND still expect that Mac to wake and sleep properly, because I do all of those things with several Macs in the house, including a 2011 Mini. So if it is worth it to you time wise you can eventually successfully troubleshoot this. (By the way, did you ever investigate whether it was your Roomie Remote discovery that somehow kept waking your Mini...)

But, that said, I also purposely keep a 2011 Mac Mini running 24/7, because keeping it awake and wired over gigabit makes everything else in the house more reliable in terms of media sharing: there's no trouble with any Apple TV or Mac in the house not finding my iTunes library and when I open the Air Video app on my iPad there's no delay seeing my whole media collection. I do let the various drives and enclosures and external volumes sleep, but the Mini that serves it all up, no. I'd suggest you live with it not sleeping for a while, doing everything you want it to do and see if you come to value that reliability more than the few extra bucks it'll costs over the course of the year.
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Thanks for the help.

This Mac mini was sort of free. A nephew broke it and I took it apart completely twice before it started working again.

I really need to consider just how I want it to work. I like having the library shared so that can playback all my music with my iPhone or iPad.

I think I may agree with you that it's better to just leave it on for the most part. It won't have a display and the hard drives will sleep sometimes.

Anyways,...I will keep on learning, thanks again.

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