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hello !

epson states that the fineFrame interpolation processing technology does the following :

Film is encoded on Blu-ray® at 24 frames-per-second. FineFrame de-constructs and re-constructs these sources for a 1080p frame rate output of up to 96 Hz, eliminating visible flicker and frame-to-frame judder. 4:4 pulldown also corrects for improperly-encoded sources, and features a reverse 2:3 pulldown detection-and-correction function. Frame interpolation generally works best when viewing high-definition content such as Blu-ray discs with scenes that contain a lot of action. Multiple frame interpolation settings ensure optimal performance for a variety of source material.

so my questions are :

it says that it does a frame refresh rate output of up to 96 Hz or does it go all the way up to a frame refresh rate output of up to 120 Hz like its supposed to ?

does the epson 6010 have or support a native 24p Playback ?

is the the epson 6010 a 60hz or a 120hz projector ?

i mean does it have a native 60hz or a 120hz refresh rate signal ?

or it supports and displays a source of 60hz or 120hz refresh rate signal ?

is the creative fine frame interpolation and super resolution technology exactly the same between the 6010

and 6020ub or it has improvements on the new 6020ub ?

what is the reality of all of this ?
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