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Gain for a dark room

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Working on finsihing up my theater area. This will be in a basement and the light will completly controlled and can be completly dark. I have a epson 3020. 3d is fun but not the most important. What suggestion does anyone have for the gain amount I need for a screen. Can I get away with a Cinewhite screen if it'll be rather dark?

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I also wonder that! biggrin.gif
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The better question you should be asking yourself is how large of a screen do you want or what screen size will best fit your room. Typically, for 2D viewing, you want the amount of light reflecting off the screen to be 16 foot lamberts. According to projectioncentrals screen calculator you can do up to a 155" diagonal 1.78:1 screen and still maintain 16 foot lamberts on a screen that has a 1.0 gain. If you want to go larger then you can start to contemplate a higher gain screen.
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