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Sub to go with Companion 2's

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I bought some Bose Companions 2's and was wondering what would be an ok sub that i could hook up with them and how? I'm not entirely convinced that I need a sub but i'm thinking about it. Also there are 4 jacks in the back and im only using two. Are there are other speakers that would complement them well?
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I am embarrassed to say I own the Bose companion 2 speakers, but they were so bad they quickly got retired and have been in a box since...most subwoofers have speaker line outs, but those would not be compatible with the Bose speaker connectors (at least my older companion 2).
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How were they bad? The sound quality seems great to me, just thinking about getting a little more bass.
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The speakers strain to hold medium to high volume and lack both low and high freq sound. The just really wasn't anything to like about them...Okay, I did use them for about 3 months before they got retired- so it did take me awhile to recognize the limited sound quality!
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Hmmmm, were they series one? I've heard nothing but good things about the speakers. Maybe you're just used to 500 dollar speakers?
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Just keep in mind that many positive testimonials for Bose products come from people who buy them based on Bose advertising without any direct comparison (or experience with) other, comparable products.

But CNET agrees with Elihawk: there are better speakers for the money.
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I hadn't shopped around... I'm starting a new post.
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I have Def Tech SM450 and a cheaper 2.1 receiver, with a Martin logan 300 sub hooked to my computer and a bedroom TV set. The entire system cost me under 500 dollars and that system sounds great, plays loud and isn't huge!
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