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2.1 or 2.0?

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I'm getting some speakers for my PC and I'm just not sure if i need the subwoofer or not. For one, i have plenty of space, that's not an issue. I plan on using it games a lot but also movies and music. High volume is a definite plus but I don't need to rock down my house. I'm thinking a price range of 130 or less. Maybe i could go 150 if It really called for it. The M-audio AV40's seem decent for a 2.0, any other suggestions? As far as models of 2.1 speakers i have no idea.
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I ran the M-audio AV40s for about a year then just got a polk psw10 sub last week and love the combo. Seems like a lot of folks go with the PSW10 and the AV40s. FYI the psw10 is on sale at amazon for $89. Its usually $199.
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I am using the Audioengine 2 speakers and love them for my tabletop PC setup. I use them with an inexpensive Sony 12-inch sub, which is fine for the limited volume and space involved.
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If you want 2.1, the Klipsch Promedia 2.1s ($155 at BestBuy) have been a popular favorite for years, and they do sound very good.

As far as subs, the Pioneer SW-8 on sale at Newegg for $69 is an excellent one for adding on to a 2.0 set for desktop computer use. It will be better than the subs that come with multimedia 2.1 sets for $200 and under. At the price of that sub, if you have the room for larger speakers, you could do this setup described at CNET and couple the SW-8 with it: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-57439115-47/build-your-own-desktop-stereo-for-under-$70/
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