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Hello all. I have a flat panel LED (55") I think d7000. The TV sits on a TV stand/cabinet. There's about 2" on space between the stand and the bottom of the TV. There not enough room to put left and right speakers on the stand, nor room for bookshelf speakers on either side. I have a 7.1 set up in my basement, so I don't need this solution to be as good as a full set up. So it seems like the Zvox or other similar platform that I can sit the TV on. I forgot the other brand (not Bose). They both contain a subwoofer, but I don't think either are as good as the Klipsch sound bar and sub set up. Anyone know if there's a platform (form factor of the Zvox) that I can use to raise up the TV enough so a sound bar would fit (4-5"a)? I think there are 1 or 2 that contain an amp and Bluetooth for streaming music? Rear speakers Re prob out bc there's no place to run wires - it would never pass the WAF. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.