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Working on a plan for a "hush box" of sorts that will essentially straddle the wall between my equipment room and theater. My plan was to frame an opening that will accept an MDF sleeve that will pass between the wall. The front of the box would be finished/painted and would tie into the soffit visually (it would essentially divide the soffit on the rear wall). The back of the box I was thinking I would leave open to the equipment room -- as it would allow for decent airflow and it would be convenient to have access to the rear of the projector.

For exhaust, i would bring a piece of 5" insulated flex through the ceiling and into the hushbox. This flex would be connected to my home's HRV system. When in the theater, the HRV would be turned on pulling air from the box.

Wondering if anyone sees any problems with this arrangement? Are the dimensions suitable? I figured I would make it large enough to accommodate some duct liner on the inside.

Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.