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Hansel and Gretel With Hunters 3D

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Movie had a good deal of shatter debris, weapons fire, and thrown object 3D.

Good 3D showcase...but the producers had NO intentions of endearing themselves to the feminist movement or domestic abuse advocacy biggrin.gif.

A lot of punches, kicks, and beat downs delivered by men. I give it a B, but it set the women's movement back several decades biggrin.gif.

There was a preview to the new G.I. Joe movie, and it looks awesome.
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Yeah they beat the snot out of Gretel at times. They beat her like she stole somethin. The same for the witches. That's today's movies for ya. Look at the Resident Evil movies and you get the same thing. I guess it's a side effect of the women's lib movement.
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Loved it! Wife,no.
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A thumbs up from the wife and I. I hope they do a sequel.
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The ending suggested a sequel possibility where...
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Hansel and Gretel are now part of a team with the troll and nerdy guy.

The movie isn't breaking any box office records, but its looking to break even when the worldwide total is calculated. Add in the home market, and they could make a case for a sequel.

I forgot to mention another 3D effect that happens often in the movie. At various times, bodies explode or are torn apart, and you get ground beef hurled at you biggrin.gif.
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