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Passive 3D system

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Passive 3D system
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I'm not caught up with the Ultimate 3D thread though I am curious about what is being demultiplexed? What are the benefits of doing 3D to 2D? Does it skip every other left and right frame to keep the video at 24fps?
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I see, so it's creating a separate 2D video for each projector and when overlayed it creates a 3D effect. For some reason I thought you were talking about something completely different. This is just a way to do passive 3D. Gotcha wink.gif
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With this system are you getting full 1080p resolution to each eye? I've read that is one of the drawbacks to passive 3D and one of the real benefits that frame sequential "Active" 3D systems offer. Joe Kane talks quite a bit about this in this video:

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I was highly considering getting the HD33 but I just purchased a BenQ W1070 instead. I know the W1070 is a nicer box, but if I had known about this feature I might have given more consideration to the HD33. It seems easy enough to implement in the projector firmware itself and I'm surprised it's not standard. There are other uses for this besides the potential for dual passive, it would be useful if you started playing something in 3D and wanted to switch back to 2D for whatever reason. For the manufacturers the potential to sell their projectors in pairs is a far more financially compelling argument for adding this support. I don't know if this is enabled in any other projectors out there, I would be curious to see if any others models actually have this feature. I wouldn't be surprised to see it in other projectors, perhaps missing the ability to specify which eye to show. I can't imagine it would require anything more than a firmware update for existing 3D projectors to support this.

Maybe those of us interested in dual projection should contact our manufacturer of choice and let them know that they would easily sell us units in pairs by adding this feature (and none if the competition does). It would be nice if any of the forum members would check their existing projector to see if they can do the same thing with it. We can compile a list of projectors that work out of the box for dual projection (it's a short list if the HD33 is the only one that does it currently).
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Mrmy, can you fill in the details of your system.
1) Where did you get your filters?
2) What Screen is that. The new Vutec Silverstar 3D-P is curved so hotspotting should be minimal, but of course it costs as much as both the HD33's combined. Using mamimum throw on the HD33's will help a little, but they don't have much zoom range.
3) How did you align the projectors without lens shift? Of course you tilt them, but how much keystone correction did you have to do, or was it close enough to just leave?

Your brightness looks really good for a linear filter system. Is a single HD33 in 3D crazy bright on that screen?
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Very interesting thread, thanks for sharing.

Now, how do you manage to achieve perfect pictures alignment from both projectors? I had two HD33 for short period of time when I was in process of replacement due to original projector having picture geometry issue. Replacement has better geometry but it was not perfect either. At the same time I also had HD23 and this one had flawless image geometry out of the box. This makes me wonder whether such passive brilliant in idea setup based on hd33 would produce perfectly aligned image.

Is your picture perfectly sharp corner to corner? Cheers.
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Originally Posted by Mrmy View Post

6m from projector to screen and the screen is flat; picture is perfectly sharp corner to corner. My projectors were new out of the box. Should not be a problem.

My both HD33 have been bramd new as well. Both sharp but with pinchuision distortion on top edge and barrel on bottom.
Have you installed and tried yours already?
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Originally Posted by Mrmy View Post

If this doesn’t solve the problem, then HD33 has a major defect in optical system which previous models don’t have. That will be a bad news. It shouldn’t happen on a $1300 value projector.

I have been using several different PJ for last 12 years so I can know quite a lot about mounting these as well.
This flaw has been observed and reported by another HD33 user. Most people do not see the problem until they try to setup two projectors for passive 3D. Not worth the effort imho. Nevertheless good luck!
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