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Is this normal?

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I just purchased my first plasma (PN51E550) and I'm experiencing something strange. From a distance, the picture looks great, but as I was investigating thr screen up close, I could see small flickering red, green, and blue pixels flashing (only in darker scenes). Also, this effect only seems to happen in "flocks" such as the corner of the scene or in a certain area.

Again, I can't notice it from from anywhere beyond 2-3 ft out (when I'm looking for it).

Is this normal? I don't remember if my LCD did this (I never investigates the panel as closely).
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Yep, normal. smile.gif
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Strangely enough, I see flickering green on my CAL-NIGHT settings, but not on my CAL-DAY settings. Hmm...
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I see this too on my new Panasonic plasma and its darker areas, and more so areas of shading of the dark area next to it. I went to bestbuy to look at display models and they all do it too. The closest in terminology I've come across is dithering but I feel like dithering is actually more severe than what you and I are noticing
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Yes thats normal with plasmas, its just normal 'dithering'
Don't watch the TV from too close up, its designed for watching from a normal viewing distance, 5ft or farther.
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