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STAND Attachment

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This may sound stupid but here goes. IN order to attach the included stand with a big LSD/LCD is it potentially damaging to the TV if you turn it upside down to attach the stand? I've got a 70" coming today and will be by myself.
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A while back a friend of mine had a 55 inch delivered. To my horror, the delivery guy just stood it on it's end an attached the stand. In the end, it did not seem to hurt the set at all. He's been watching it for 2 years now. However, it's still not something I would recommend.

If you can, call a friend to give you a hand. Or throw the delivery guy a few bucks extra, and have him help you out. While a 70 inch set is not overly heavy, it's a bit awkward due to it's size. It's much easier with an extra set of hands.
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It won't hurt it at all
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Where did you order from? I got two tvs from amazon recently (sent the first back) and both times the delivery guys (Pilot the first time, Ceva the second) attached the included stand and placed it on my tv stand. That was just with the free shipping. No extra white glove charge.
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Pilot delivered my set today and said they could not attach the stand because of liability issues. It seemed that $20 calmed those issues. However, they did turn the TV upside down to install the stand. When I turned the TV on I got a "NO SIGNAL" message. I immediately plugged the HDMI cable into my Vizio 32" and the picture came right on. Called Vizo and went through the same steps and was told the E701i-A3 TV was bad. Maybe turning it upside down had nothing to do with it. Friday the new one will not be turned upside down. I'm just sayin.
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You never want to swap cables with the TV plugged in. You can flip a TV in any direction and it won't hurt it.
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New set to be delivered today. Crossing my fingers.
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