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Basic AV Receiver help!! Marantz NR1603 and LG HT806ph Speakers...

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I'm very new to the home cinema scene and have a question which I would really appreciate some help with.

I've currently got an old LG HT806PH home cinema system which I run all of the audio through (including blu ray player etc). It sounds good and I'm quite impressed with the speakers - although LG aren't really a reputable brand.

I'm thinking of buying the Marantz NR1603 as an AV receiver and was wondering if it would be OK to use the same LG speakers until I can afford to purchase some new ones. The air play feature on the receiver and home networking abilities are the real plus.

My concern has arisen now that I've looked at the LG package again and they state on the website that the speakers have a total power output of 850watts! The Marantz Nr1603 is 50watt per speaker.

Does that mean that it won't work properly or will be really quiet? Will I damage the AV Receiver by trying to make it power speakers that are too powerful?

Any help would be really appreciated!

All the best

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Here is the link for the LG System...

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That 850W number is a joke, designed to make sheeple think they're getting more for their money.

That is a slim line receiver and is $650.. You should just get a full sized receiver.

Also, you generally want your speakers to cost 2-3x as much as the receiver. So you might want to think about how much you want to spend on speakers before you spend $650 on a receiver.
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As is the case with most HTIB setups, they are generally only designed to work with the receiver that comes with the HTIB as the speakers are often very low impedance (ie. not designed to be powered by most lower level AVRs like the 1603). The power output on the LG is so high because the speakers are 3-ohm speakers which the 1603 is not designed to power, rather 6-16ohm speakers. Although the 1603 could likely power them at average TV listening volume (ie no loud movie listening), as suggested above, you would be much better served selling this setup and putting the money into a better speaker setup now. Determine your total budget available and put 1/3 into the AVR and 2/3 into the speakers/sub.
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Thanks for the responses.

The intention is to build up the speakers to get a decent set. For the $600 I can't really get a set of speakers and AV receiver (intending on building up the Monitor Audio BX range of speakers).

It sounds like the LG speakers will be quiet on the Marantz. The reason I'm going for the slim-line receiver is to save space and it matches my Marantz CD6004 and PM 6004.

Really appreciate the help!
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