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Real Price of Projectors

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This is my first post, but I have been trolling this board for the last nine months on a daily basis. I am building a new home which will have a theater area open to a bar/rec area in the basement. I had settled on the Epson 5020 UB with my AV guy but after reading all the comments on this board(and demoing the 6010) I have decided the Sony HW50ES is probably the best under $4000.00 projector for my needs. I don't care about 3d and plan on watching mostly HD programming via Directv and some Blurays. I thought the Epson would fit my needs due to the high lumen count, but it sounds as if Sony can hold its own when ambient light is present. My question is this: My AV guy has quoted me the standard $2599.00 price for the Epson 5020 and that price point is okay with my wife now that she has her head around it. My theater room has built in Klipsh speakers, integra 70.4 receiver, Vutech Vu-easy grey dove screen and a whole home control 4 system. The budget is maxed. However, now I would like to spend the extra money for the Sony, but the wife may not rubber stamp the extra $1000.00. We have to furnish a new 6000 square foot house so money is flying out the door, literally! What is the lowest price I can get this projector? I am being charged dealer price for the Epson but is there a street price on the Sony that gets it closer than a $1000.00 difference? My AV guy only sells Epson. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give and thank you all for your invaluable information over the last nine months. Hopefully one day I will have enough AV knowledge and insight to contribute to this board.
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Dont wait CALL this guy he is one of the best.
Mike Garrett, AV Science Sales
Call Me: 585-671-2968
Email Me: Mike@AVScience.com

He gets my highest recommendation
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Yes, call Mike for sure, very nice guy and he'll get you the best price!
He also knows more about audio than almost any other PJ dealer, so you get the full package from him...
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