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The NPD released data today, saying Blu Rays and DVD purchases account for 61% of home video movie purchasing (that excludes Netflix and other video on demand services) in 2012. That is down 3% from 2011, but NPD says most of that decline is from the decreased average unit prices.
“There is a significant base of video customers in the U.S. who continue to be comfortable with physical formats, and a large majority haven’t made the complete transition from discs to digital video,” said Russ Crupnick, media analyst with NPD.

Now, digital distribution accounts for 16% of consumer spending (up 2% from 2011). VOD on cable, satellite and telco companies brought in 12% of the revenue for 2012.

Netflix still leads the SVOD market, while I-tunes is still out in front of the electronic sellthrough markets. Redbox leads in the disc rental business with 46%. I would have thought that number would be bigger.

With all these numbers and figures, surprisingly a couple of numbers jumped out. 80% Netflix customers watched TV shows, and 90% of EST purchases were TV shows as well. So it would be safe to see more TV shows coming to these platforms.

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