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Will a Lumagen upconvert to HDMI?

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I have a Denon 5800, and if I add a Lumagen, could i plug all my sources into it and then the Lumagen into my new projector and have everything work?

Does teh Lumagen have an IR port for switching between inputs?


Where can i get a line on pricing?

An XE versus an XS?

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Yes, everything that gets sent to an XS or XE whether analogue or digital video or audio is or can be converted to hdmi video and audio.

XE has picture in picture ability and more inputs compared to XS. Both have same video quality.

They both have ir remote control and ir ports on back panel.

Contact lumagen direct for pricing and advice if you're in USA.
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Would it make more sense to buy a newer receiver (ie Denon 4520ci) for its HDMI switching and upconverting along with Audessy 32?

Or just continue to use my monster 5800, be w/o Audssey, and buy a Lumagen to take care of my upconverting? I think they are rougly the same price. (I would be buying an XS, not an XE)

i'm coming from a TW65H80 which i used both component in and all the component switching on my Denon 5800 to accomodate all my devices. But now that i'm going to a projector, and i don't really want to run component, but only 2 HDMI (1 backup), until i decide on either a Lumagen or new receiver, i'll only be able to watch blu-ray/DVD. No gaming, TV or anything else.
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If you buying a projector you must consider that a lumagen is also a video processor so you can calibrate your projector by yourself or by a professional.
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